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Online WSO2 Classroom Training

WSO2 Identity Server Online Classroom Training

Yenlo created an online classroom training which fits perfectly in a stay at home situation during COVID-19.


Get hands-on WSO2 Identity Server experience in 3,5 days!

We created an instructor-led online WSO2 classroom training to get the most out of your time. This special training is a slimmed version of our standard classroom training.

This online WSO2 Identity Server training consists of two and a half hours live presentation per day and will be followed by one lab that you will do together (group and trainer). After that you will receive 'homework', a number of labs to finish yourself. At your own pace but in our training environment. During your homework time, the trainer will be available for you.

Online Classroom Training Outline

The WSO2 Identity Server adds a security layer to your existing IT infrastructure, while making your business processes run smoothly. Combine safety with usability and feel free to connect to new applications whenever it’s needed. In the meantime, the WSO2 Identity Server will guard your data flows so that only the right people gain access to the right systems. This makes you a fast, flexible and trustworthy partner that’s prepared for anything, every day

In this online training for the WSO2 Identity Server 5.9.10 we will focus on the main functionality of the Identity Server in three aspects:

  • Getting Started and Resident IPD configuration
  • 2nd User store, User Account Workflow, SSO, SCIM
  • Federated Authentication, Multi Factor Authenticators

We will discuss the high-level flow of the Identity Server when it is used and explain the individual components. You will get hands on experience with the Identity Server and will learn how to configure it, including adding federated authenticators to it.

So, what does this Online Classroom Training look like? Let us explain it to


It's a combination of theory and explanation and hands-on experience with a number of labs as homework. At the end of the training an exam can be taken.

Day 1 Getting Started and Resident IPD configuration

09:00-11:30 INSTRUCTOR LED
  • Discuss the fundamentals of the WSO2 Identity Server
  • Acronyms and technology
  • High level flow inside the Identity Server
  • LAB:  Getting Started with WSO2 Identity Server
  • LAB: Adding a User

11:30- 17:00 HOMEWORK
  • LAB: Configuring the resident IDP
  • Homework: Password Recovery Using REST API
  • LAB: Maintain the history of the user’s password
  • LAB: Forces password Reset via Email
  • 1-on-1 meeting with the trainer

Day 2 2nd User store, User Account Workflow, SSO, SCIM

09:00-11:30 INSTRUCTOR LED
  • Recap and check homework
  • Workflow, SSO and SCIM
  • LAB: LAB: Configure a Secondary User Store
11:30-17:00 HOMEWORK
  • LAB: User Account Approval Workflow
  • LAB: SSO Using IS 5.9.0 for Authentication with APIM 3.0.0
  • LAB: Federated Auth. for a Service Using Social Media Integration
  • LAB: SCIM Inbound Provisioning
  • 1-on-1 meeting with the trainer

Day 3 Federated Authentication, Multi Factor Authenticators

09:00-11:30 INSTRUCTOR LED
  • Recap and check homework
  • OAUTH2, OpenID Connect, Federated Authentication, Multi Factor Authentication
  • LAB: Adding Federated Authenticators (BITLY)
11:30- 17:00 HOMEWORK
  • LAB: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) using SMSOTP
  • LAB: APIM Publisher / Store SSO
  • LAB: Google Authenticator
  • 1-on-1 meeting with the trainer

Day 4 Wrap-Up

09:00-11:30 INSTRUCTOR LED
  • Recap and check homework

"I sincerely appreciate the in-detailed training for both theory and exercises. Exercises and hand-outs are very well planned and documented in step-by-step steps from basic to advanced topics, which was very useful."
Kalpana (USA) - April 2020

Essential information

3,5 days

Click on the button below to go to our training calendar. We deliver our trainings during CET and PST timezone.

Audience and prior knowledge
The audience for this training are people with an interest in Identity and Access Management and (preferably) some knowledge of security related technologies / concepts / standards like IDP, SSO and Federated Authentication. Contact us if you have any questions. 

After the training you will have knowledge of WSO2 Identity Server and hands-on experience configuring the product, e.g. the resident IDP, additional user stores, simple SSO and federated authentication.

We will run this training online on our Yenlo training platform and will provide you all necessary virtual servers running on Amazon (AWS) you need to follow this online training. We work with a graphical desktop using NoMachine to the AWS instances. Homework materials will be in PDS and shared digitally. You will not receive any printed material. After the training you will also receive instructions on how to set up and environment to continue working with the WSO2 Identity Server.

All provided material is Copyright © Protected by Yenlo and may not be published and/or reproduced.

NoMachine needs a connection on port 4000 to the Amazon environment, so this port should be open(ed). We would suggest not to use a VPN connection if possible because of security rules. If your machine defaults to a VPN connection if not connected to the company network, switch to your regular connection that you use at home. You need to supply the IP address that is used to access the environment in order to be able to connect to the instances.

Price & Payment
The daily rate for Online Classroom Training is €700,- / $800,- per participant per day. The payment needs to be done upfront. An invoice will be sent after your registration. After receiving your payment you will get an email with detailed instructions about the training.

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