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We build all our solutions with WSO2 and we are proud that we are Platinum Value-Added Reseller of WSO2.

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MuleSoft Anypoint to WSO2 Migration Service

API-first Integration can be done better and more cost-effective with WSO2! More and more Enterprises are migrating to WSO2 to provide a better platform with a better TCO. WSO2 has a modern API integration platform that delivers your digital transformation business vision with more power, greater flexibility, and a higher return on investment. Let Yenlo migrate you to WSO2 and we guarantee you a cost-saving of 20-40% per year!

The benefits of migrating to WSO2

  • Mule’s inflexible deployment approach doesn’t fit into cloud native infrastructure
  • WSO2 is the best platform to build an Integrated API Supply Chain
  • Migrating from Mule 3 to Mule 4 is complex and error prone
  • Costly TCO and price increases inhibit innovation
  • Mule struggles with real-time and streaming APIs
  • An API Integration platform needs strong identity and access control
  • The WSO2 vision is clearer and stronger

1. Investigation & POC Phase

As a first step, we examine your IT landscape and do a proof of concept where we take up to three use cases and where we migrate a couple of your integrations to WSO2 technology in two weeks.

Day 1:
We will have an intake with you and your team where we will held a questionnaire, do some desktop research, investigate your source code, use case documentation, and your total cost of ownership (maintenance, licenses, engineering etc.).

Day 2-5:
We continue the investigation and work on the proof of concept. You stand by for questions.

Day 6-10:
We present you the proof of concept and we will do a simulation of the outcome. We will also present you the costs. Or even better, we will present you what you are going to save!

The price for the Investigation & POC phase is only an investment of USD$10,000 (or €9.900). A small investment for subsequently huge annual savings.


2. Migration Phase

After your decision to migrate (as soon as you see what your cost savings will be, we're sure that you want to migrate!), we will start the migration phase. Yenlo can migrate you to an already existing WSO2 platform based on a total cost of ownership calculation. The migration period depends on the number of integrations you have. A calculation will be presented after the Investigation & POC phase.

Migrate without additional investment

The costs for the full migration are simple. We guarantee you a saving of 20-40% per year on your TCO perpetual. The fee for migration that you pay to Yenlo is simple: the “percentage of cost-saving” Yenlo realize on your current one-year operational budget based on provided TCO calculation.

Mule to WSO2 Migration | Yenlo

3. Operational Phase

We migrate you to Yenlo's WSO2 Managed Cloud solution. After the migration, you are fully connected to the WSO2 Managed Cloud Platform. With the managed WSO2 cloud platform (by Yenlo) you have a managed WSO2 cloud solution, as a 24/7 operated and hosted integration platform for all your APIs and Services. 

Our cloud offers you:

- Scalable: auto-deployment & auto-scaling
- Reliable: high-availability & auto-healing
- Easiness: 24/7 hosted & managed by experts
- Efficient: Low costs & short-time-to-market
- Innovative: WSO2 Open Source Platform
- API's: API Management & API Gateway
- Integration: Enterprise Service Bus & Queuing
- Security: Identity & Access Management


Our WSO2 Migration Services insights

Our latest thinking on WSO2 Migration Services in the integration and IT landscape.

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