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About WSO2

We built all our solutions with WSO2, because we know that WSO2 technology is truly innovative.


We believe that enterprises need to be agile (again) to be able to become a Digital Agency

To optimize their customer intimacy, operational excellence or add new services, products or business models to their portfolio. The secret for Digital Transformation lies in agility. Agility in technology, knowledge and finance. Agility can be created by, in our believe, an Open Source first, API first and Cloud first strategy. And that’s why Yenlo chose to partner with the one and only 100% open standard and open source based integration platform: WSO2.


WSO2 brings agility and freedom of choice to enterprises all around the world.

And, as you might have guessed, API first, Open Standards first and Cloud first strategies are the starting point of everything WSO2 builds. WSO2 (sometimes misspelled as WS02) enables integration like no other. Suddenly information systems that you thought would be incompatible, are the best of friends.

All because of WSO2. It makes cool things happen. WSO2 integrates, translates and saves all your stuff. WSO2 makes your work easier and more fun. It’s free, easily accessible and always up to date. Just the way you like it so that you can take the lead in tomorrow’s digital economy.

  • The best, most flexible and agile solution. Guaranteed 100% open standard and open source
  • No financial, technical or knowledge lock-in. The freedom to add new functionalities

Let’s introduce you to the most important
WSO2 components that will build your digital transformation.

Open up your business to the world
Your all-in-one solution for designing, composing and publishing APIs. Start a true developer community and manage API traffic.
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WSO2 Solution
A secure road to digital transformation
Adds a security layer to your existing IT infrastructure, while making your business processes run smoothly.
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WSO2 Solution
Connect your systems and get them to talk
With more capabilities than you can count, it starts your digital revolution from within your company.
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WSO2 Solution
Analyze your way up
The WSO2 Stream Processor starts up your analytical transformation, which is equally important to your digital one.
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WSO2 Solution
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Connext by Yenlo integrates systems to support external and internal business processes. Our 24/7 hosted and managed WSO2 cloud solution allows you to run your business easily.

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Connext Platform

The right solution for organizations in the search of a private and secure environment that is fully customizable.

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Connext Go!

The right solution for organizations with integration needs, without the hassle of managing a platform theirselfs.

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