Why Do You Need a Modern, Cloud-Native API Integration Platform?

First things first

About this whitepaper

The world of APIs and enterprise computing is going through a rapid shift into a cloud-native future. As the world shifts, this is a good time to re-evaluate whether your API platform is prepared for the new world.

This white paper examines why an open-source API and integration platform is the right choice for many organizations that are following a cloud-native digital transformation journey.

In this paper, we discuss seven areas where WSO2 provides significant advantages over proprietary platforms, especially the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform:

  1. Anypoint is optimized for proprietary, inflexible deployment, not cloud-native deployment in Kubernetes and serverless environments;
  2. You are building an “integrated API Supply Chain”;
  3. You need to migrate from Mule 3.x;
  4. The wrong TCO and pricing model inhibits innovation;
  5. You need to be ready for real-time and streaming APIs;
  6. An API Integration platform needs strong identity and access control;
  7. It’s a vision that fundamentally differentiates software.
avatar Written by our team of Yenlo experts

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