The age of API is upon us – be part of it!

This whitepaper explains to you: What is API, open versus private APIs, how do we put APIs into use, what about security and what can APIs do for your business?

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First things first

What we’ll cover in this whitepaper

Times are changing, and in a good way. We make household appliances talk; we teach airplanes how to look after themselves, and we connect everything to everyone. How do we do it? The answer is simple: APIs. Developers can now connect every device to every computer, person our building they want, allowing you to enter new markets and disrupt the status quo.

Contrary to appearances, it’s not that simple. That’s why we wrote this whitepaper.

What we’ll tell you about

  • What is API?
  • Open versus private APIs
  • How do we put APIs into use?
  • What about security? 

But above all:

  • What can APIs do for your business?
avatar Written by our team of Yenlo experts

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