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Microservices for the Enterprise

In the IT industry, Service Oriented Architecture has been the dominant enterprise architecture style around for quite some time. More recently, a new style is growing in popularity. Its central concept is that of a “MicroService”.  A microservice is a lightweight service, focused at a small, sharply bounded scope. It resonates with RESTful API management practices, and with agile DevOps teams, rather than with traditional ESB technology and SOA Governance practices.

In this white paper, you will explore:

  • Microservice architecture style
  • How microservices are augmented by API management
  • How thinking in API Zones will help to keep agility while offering manageability and control at the same time
  • How microservices can be embedded into a larger integration architecture

We highly recommend this white paper to people who want to take their business to the next level.

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Microservices white paper | Yenlo

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