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We build all our solutions with WSO2 and we are proud that we are Platinum Value-Added Reseller of WSO2.

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The Identity and Access Management selection guide

Selecting an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution for the enterprise is far from trivial. There is much to take into account, and there are many choices to make. Moreover, driving the discussion to a swift and sound decision is all but easy.

This selection guide helps you to make a solid choice, tailored to your specific needs. And even better, it will guide you to reach a solid decision in a short amount of time, with a maximum amount of commitment.

In this selection guide you’ll explore:

  • A better solution to manage identities, user accounts, entitlements, credentials and all the other responsibilities that come with modern IT access management?
  • Saving costs, because your current solution is too expensive?
  • Replacing your custom-built solution, which has become difficult to secure and maintain?
  • Having a number of different solutions, in different countries, or business lines, or product groups, waiting to consolidate.
  • Your current product is not up to today’s standards, and you want to either upgrade or migrate.
  • Looking for a better way to align the authorization to the APIs you’re planning to offer with the single sign-on you already have in place.
  • Starting up, and you want to get your Identity and Access Management right from the start.

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