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Advanced API Management Guide

These are confusing times. Everything seems to be in flux. The cloud is taking the world by storm, both through software as a service and more recently through the emerging cloud-native computing paradigm. New technologies get adopted quickly as new ways of working are being pioneered. Especially when you’re involved in integration, you’ll feel overwhelmed by the complexities of the new reality. Perhaps you’re even seized by the feeling of losing grip. Fear no longer.

This white paper will shine a new light on our current digital universe. We wrote it to bring you clarity and help you overcome feelings of unease and bewilderment. Moreover, after reading this white paper you’ll have a clear understanding on what to look for when selecting API Integration technology and how to move forward.

In this guide you’ll explore:

  • The core components of any API Management Platform.
  • Useful tips on what to look for when you are designing your platform and selecting vendors and their products.
  • More about Cloud Computing, introduction to API Meshes, and we explain how to embed those successfully into an overarching API Management platform.
  • API Security.
  • How to integrate everything from legacy systems to event-driven architectures into your API Management Platform.
  • Recommendations to help you design your target architecture and to help you select the technology stack to make it work.

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