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Building the World’s Biggest iBeacon Living Lab with WSO2

The city of Amsterdam, Yenlo, and partners are together building the biggest iBeacon Living Lab by using WSO2 products. Beacons are small radio devices that send out bluetooth signals that can be picked up by smartphones. As part of the smart city initiative, these beacons will literally become part of the city. First, the iBeacon Mile (slightly longer than 3.4 km), consisting of 60 beacon installations, will be installed at the central station of Amsterdam and form a route that leads to the Scheepvaartmuseum. Soon there will be nearly 3000 beacons throughout the city of Amsterdam.

Beacons allow for a much more precise determination of location (from 80 meters to less than 50 centimeters) enabling a whole new level of location based services, both indoors and outdoors. For example, iBeacons enable better navigation, hyper local advertising and couponing, and provide passersby with historic content about monuments and museums. 

In order to open up the beacons to developers,  Yenlo created a WSO2 solution. In dit webinar bespreken we:

  • Het iBeacon Mile-project
  • De manier waarop we een openbare set API's hebben opengesteld voor ontwikkelaars via:
    • WSO2 API Manager
    • WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus
    • WSO2 Data Services Server


Jonathan Cartner


Jonathan is the co-founder of Glimworm and has a strong technical base. His focus is on Smart city and Internet of Things and of course iBeacons. For that purpose he co-founded Glimworm Beacons in 2014. A very good way to connect to other Smart City, IoT and Beacons is to organize meetup groups in Amsterdam (like Appcelerator titanium, Push2Press, iBeacons). He is extending it to a 4th meetup group - The Amsterdam Internet of Things meetup. Jonathan is a mentor at StartupBootcamp Amsterdam for IoT related startups, and a proud member of Appsterdam.

Rob Blaauboer


Rob is a Senior Business Consultant and Solution Architect with more than twenty years experience. In addition to his work he is an active blogger working on a number of articles on the 'Internet of Things' and a WSO2 'Getting Started with ...' series in which hetalks about WSO2 components and their purpose especially aimed at non technical readers.

Daniel Stevanovic


Daniel is a integration consultant at Yenlo with over 7 years of experience in software development, middleware and service-oriented architecture (SOA) with knowledge of e.g. Java, JavaEE, Spring, OAuth. He is working on several middleware integration projects using WSO2 product stack.

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