How to Monitor Business Processes with WSO2

By Yenlo
Length 49 minutes
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In this webinar

Today, an increasing number of enterprises is adopting monitoring techniques to handle massive volumes of data in real-time and derive valuable analytics information. With the help of the WSO2 Business Activity Monitor (WSO2 BAM) enterprises gain insights into their business performance, situational awareness and visibility on their SOA platform.

In this webinar, Daniel Palstra (Senior Consultant at Yenlo) along with Sinthu (Ranjendra of the WSO2 BAM team), demonstrate how organizations gain insights into the performance of their business processes by plugging in WSO2 BAM into WSO2 ESB. They present the case study of a university that uses WSO2 BAM to monitor their student registration flow. When registering new students, multiple systems are involved and WSO2 BAM helps monitoring the process from start to end.

This session covers:

  • Usage of the ESB BAM mediator
  • Setting up BAM profiles
  • Usage of a Hive script to gather data
  • Building a custom report with Jaggery
  • Combining WSO2 BAM tracing data with custom reports

Are you an IT Manager or Enterprise Architect that is looking to find out how WSO2 BAM can help you gain insights into your business process performance? Then this webinar is the one for you.

Sinthuja Ragendran

Sinthuja Ragendran

Sinthuja joined WSO2 in December 2011. She is a software engineer in the Data technologies team where she mainly focuses on the Business Activity monitor. She holds a B.Sc. Engineering Graduate from the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Moratuwa (Sri Lanka) and is also a Sun Certified Java programmer and has completed the BCS (British Computer Society) Examinations.

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Daniel Palstra

Daniël has a bachelor degree in Information Technology and over 6 years experience working for systems integrators with global exposure. In his current role he has a strong focus on building enterprise integration layers based on WSO2 products. Daniël is a committer on the Apache Stratos project and presenter at numerous international workshops.