How API-security presents new challenges to Traditional Application Security

Length 30 minutes

A webinar that inspires, encourages, and gives you industry insight on the three core components needed for better results with API-first strategies.

API calls account for a whopping 83% of all current internet traffic. It’s therefor no surprise that API security breaches are the world’s #1 cyber threat. This puts a giant target on digital-first companies. Protecting your integration technology and APIs should be a top priority. With the world moving ever more towards digitization you need to know how to improve and strengthen your API security.

Join this inspiring and solution-oriented webinar on API Security by Ruben van der Zwan (CEO at Yenlo and API Expert) and Colin Domoney (API Security expert at 42Crunch).

This Webinar is best for:

This webinar is for you if your company relies on API-first approaches, if you work directly with integration technology, if you value the secure exchange of sensitive data and if you want to be ahead of the game in API security. Register below.

Key take-aways:

  • Market data and insights on API security breaches
  • The core reasons for cyber attacks
  • What common security challenges do companies face?
  • How can risks be averted?
  • Why an API Management solution alone is not secure enough
  • Discuss real life cases and best practices

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Ruben van der Zwan

As Co-Founder and CEO of Yenlo, I am an IT-visionair and from the first hour. I believe that digitalization enables companies to grow by creating new channels to reach their customers. Important in such a digitalization journey is to avoid lock-in’s by vendors, technology and budget. Therefore, I am a fan of an API-first, Open-Source first and Cloud-first strategy. Obviously Yenlo’s key-focus services are aligned with these key-pillars by combining WSO2 open source technology with a secure and professional cloud-solution: Connext. Our Integration-Platform-as-a-Service solution for medium and large enterprises. Want to learn more? Contact me or join conferences all around the world where I am a frequent speaker.

Colin Domonay

Colin Domoney

Colin Domoney is an API security research specialist and developer advocate at 42Crunch. He oversees the development of the 42Crunch community and manages the ApiSecurity.io industry newsletter. Colin has a long and varied career producing secure, robust and reliable software and hardware products for a range of industries from military, consumer, medical, automotive to financial services. Having recently built and advised on large-scale AppSec programs and overseen Deutsche Bank’s global AppSec program, Colin is an expert and enthusiastic about all things DevSecOps. Colin is also a regular conference speaker and DevOps instructor, and is currently writing the industry’s first book on defending APIs.

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