Digital transformation at Sanoma: A call to action

Length 42 minutes
wso2 training by Yenlo

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The digital age is upon us. After a first wave of disruption with the likes of Wikipedia, iTunes, Amazon and Expedia and a second wave with AirBnB, Uber and Netflix, every industry seems to be at risk of a digital transformation. And then there is Tesla, running circles around established car makers.

Sooner or later, this new age will catch up with you. As a CIO, enterprise architect or information manager, you might wonder how to best prepare for such a very different world. While your business is likely still considering its strategic options, and your competition is highly unpredictable, one thing is for sure. You’ll better be prepared for change at a pace you’ve not experienced before. You’ll have to adapt to new realities, or risk being outcompeted. Because as always, only the ones most adaptable to change do survive.

But how do you actually prepare for something so uncertain? In other words: How can you boost your digital business? And where to start today?

In this webinar Hans Bot (Architect at Yenlo) and Joost van den Dool (Sr. Enterprise Architect at Sanoma Learning) will be interviewed by Rob Blaauboer (Yenlo) and discuss these questions. Sanoma Learning is one of Europe’s leading learning companies providing print and digital learning solutions for primary, secondary and vocational education. They’ve selected WSO2 technology as part of their efforts to become a digital organization. Currently they’re migrating to a WSO2 Integration Platform in their Amazon Cloud – yet another part of their digitization strategy. The platform includes WSO2 ESB, WSO2 API Management and WSO2 Analytics – in combination with AWS S3, EFS, SQS and SNS. Joost van Dool is driving this modernization effort.

Joost van den Dool

Joost van den Dool

Joost is a people person with a passion to improve processes and capabilities or people. He like to have fun with people, empower people and experience that together you can do much more then by yourself.

Hans Bot

Hans Bot

Hans is an experienced architect in the digital world, has always been at the frontline of developments. Nowadays Hans is focused on state-of-the-art cloud and integration platforms serving as a base for digital transformation. Hans has a passion for modern technologies. At the same time, he values the merits of proven ones.

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Rob Blaauboer

Rob Blaauboer

Rob is an Integration Consultant & WSO2 Trainer with more than twenty year experience. In addition to his work he is an active blogger working on a number of articles on the ‘Internet of Things’ and a WSO2 ‘Getting Started with …’ series (WSO2 tutorial) in which he talks about WSO2 components and their purpose especially aimed at non-technical readers. Rob is a WSO2 expert and official WSO2 trainer.

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