The worldwide ‘as-a-service’ movement and IT

Length 60 minutes

How industry leaders and their IT architectures adapt to the worldwide movement of ‘as-a-service’

Leaders Circle How industry leaders and their IT architectures adapt to the worldwide movement of as a service

Key takeaways:

• Gains from a cloud-first ‘as-a-service’ approach
• Cloud-based solutions increase customer-intimacy
• Rapid implementation and stability can coexist through service-based solutions
• Cloud-first healthcare approach for the entire healthcare industry
• Integration-as-a-service assists contains a global pandemic
• General benefits of service-oriented technology stacks

In this webinar

‘Pay to use’ instead of ‘pay to own’

Do you really need to own a car or do you just need private transportation? If it’s the latter then you can turn to ‘Mobility-as-a-service’ providers like SnappCar or Turo. And what about using your home as an additional source of income through AirBnB?

Cars, entertainment, and houses are established ‘as-a-service’ solutions but even bikes, art, furniture and clothing are swiftly entering the use-over-ownership market. And we would do well to take notice. This shift from ‘pay to own’ to ‘pay per use’ is gaining traction across industries.

Use over ownership is not only trending in B2C markets, it is also very much alive in IT. Finance departments of any major tech company will have their eyes firmly fixed on the cost advantages that ‘as-a-service’ brings. Since most SaaS products are stored in the cloud, there are many financial benefits related to service-based solutions.

The business driver behind ‘as-a-service’ is agility and flexibility, which comes with a challenge: Adapt or falter. Technologies, market sentiment and growth opportunities point towards a demand for service-based solutions. In this webinar you’ll be gaining insights from the following four major industries: Banking, Telcom, Healthcare and Local Government.

Banking industry

Looking for customer intimacy with Streaming-as-a-service

Jeroen van Disseldorp, CEO at Axual lifts the curtain and shows you how the financial industry and big banks like Rabobank and SNS Bank implement agility and customer intimacy through cloud-based solutions.


Thinking on your feet and quick turnaround adjustments

Rhyan Neble, Vice President Product Innovation at ETI Software Solutions dials in with insights from the telecommunications industry. Telcom is in a price war. Adapting to market trends and staying ahead of the competition requires effective, solid, IT-backed solutions.


Care workers must return to the bedside

By 2030, there won’t be enough people for healthcare. IT is the solution. Nico Drost, former IT responsible at Erasmus MC, working as Manager I&A at Pieter van Foreest healthcare center leads with the phrase: “As a baseline everything should be in the cloud, unless there is no other way”. Nico will share his vision and experience on ‘as-a-service’ in healthcare IT.

Local government

How Covid-19 became a driving force for ‘as-a-service’ adaptation

Ruben van der Zwan, CEO and Co-Founder at Yenlo, will walk you through a number of successful and major integration cases, within different industries. Showing that it is possible to set up a comprehensive technical infrastructure within a matter of days.

RZW pasfoto 2020

Ruben van der Zwan

As Co-Founder and CEO of Yenlo, I am an IT-visionair and from the first hour. I believe that digitalization enables companies to grow by creating new channels to reach their customers. Important in such a digitalization journey is to avoid lock-in’s by vendors, technology and budget. Therefore, I am a fan of an API-first, Open-Source first and Cloud-first strategy. Obviously Yenlo’s key-focus services are aligned with these key-pillars by combining WSO2 open source technology with a secure and professional cloud-solution: Connext. Our Integration-Platform-as-a-Service solution for medium and large enterprises. Want to learn more? Contact me or join conferences all around the world where I am a frequent speaker.

Jeroen van Disseldorp

Jeroen van Disseldorp

Jeroen is the Founder of Axual, a company in The Netherlands that specializes in streaming technology based on Apache Kafka. Axual provides a real-time data platform and cloud services for enterprises, that they developed together with Tier-1 bank in the Netherlands. The platform has been battle-tested since its go-live early 2016 and is stable, secure and capable of handling large amounts of data. It is well suited for industries with high levels of automation, integration and sensor technology, such as Finance, Logistics, Retail, Telco, Energy & Utilities.

Rhyn Nemble

Rhyan Neble

Rhyan is a 23 year veteran of the IT and telecommunications industry with several patents and industry firsts to his credit. Rhyan developed industry first solutions for systems integration, access control, transaction management, and financial reporting for FTTx triple play service providers in the continental US and Caribbean. He presently is coordinating ETI Software Solutions partnership with Microsoft and other vendors to introduce the industry to their cloud native Digital Service Provider (DSP) platform, based on Microsoft Dynamics, Azure, and ETI provisioning and service management technologies.


Nico Drost

Nico is an IT manager at Pieter van Foreest. A large healthcare organization that offers a wide, flexible package of services in the field of housing, care, treatment and welfare in the Netherlands. His job is to make the organization work top efficient. Specialties: Software maintainance and development: HR, F, Logistics, Patientcare, Research, Projectmanagement, Datawarehouse modelling and development, Internet development
Hardware maintainance and development: Network, Servers, DBA, OS (Windows, UNIX), Telecom

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