Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Our General Terms and Conditions applies on all Services, Solutions and Products delivered by Yenlo.

Yenlo – General Terms and Conditions – v5.1, dated 1 February 2023
Yenlo – General TC for Products and Service Delivery – v4.1, dated 1 April 202

Data Processing Agreement

Our Data Processing Agreement applies on all services, solutions and products delivered by Yenlo if and to the extent we process personal data in the capacity of Data Processor on behalf of the Customer. In case personal data is exported from the EEA and/or Switzerland to a third country outside EEA and/or Switzerland and/or Canada, the EU model contract Standard Clauses Contract (SCC) with Yenlo acting as data exporter will on top apply.

Data Processing Agreement – v5.1, dated 1 February 2023
Yenlo – Verwerkersovereenkomst – BOZ-11DEC2017 – v1.0

Support Terms

Connext Platform
Yenlo – SLA – Connext Platform – v5.0, dated 1 July 2022

Connext GO (a.k.a. Yenlo/Fides Integration service)
Yenlo – SLA – Connext GO – v5.0, dated 1 July 2022

Any other operational support provided by Yenlo other than/without/outside the Connext Platform or Connext GO  (such as any direct Operational WSO2 product support and/or support on Boomi, Mulesoft, Microsoft Azure etc.).

Operational Support
Yenlo – SLA – Operational Support – v5.0, dated 1 July 2022

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