When complexity requires clarity


When you’re in need of unmatched enterprise-level integration services. MuleSoft offers industry-leading solutions for your most complex integration challenges.

When complexity requires clarity

Recognized by research firms such as Gartner and Forrester as a leader in different quadrants. MuleSoft stands out when it comes to API-first and hybrid-integration services. It is built for enterprise-level organizations needing to handle the most complex integration challenges. Offering you the route to digital transformation in the most seamless way possible. And at Yenlo, we believe in only providing the best solutions on the market, especially when complexity requires clarity.

Hybrid iPaaS, Low friction, and one of the best of ESBs and APIs

MuleSoft is part of Salesforce’s Integration Cloud. Meaning, aside from excellent support and training resources, MuleSoft empowers you to surface your data—regardless of where it resides (on-premise or cloud)— and deliver intelligent, connected customer experiences across all channels and touchpoints.

MuleSoft lets you use great ESB and API technology. Combining application integrations and API Management functionalities within a single hybrid iPaaS platform. And when it comes to securing your APIs, it offers security and governance at different stages of your APIs lifecycle. MuleSoft’s solution automatically applies the same set of security and policies across all your APIs, creating a better and smoother experience for designing, building, and deploying in a consistent manner.

Accelerate your digital transformation by choosing from almost 300 standard connectors. Integrate with SOAP web services and REST APIs without coding. Use the API platform’s CI/CD capabilities for efficient deployment. And do all of that from a highly visually-minded development environment. Mulesoft is a powerhouse solution for your integration needs.

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