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Simplify the integration of FHIR data into your healthcare systems.

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FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) – the new widely applauded standard for a modern, flexible, and efficient approach to exchanging healthcare data. But how to transform your current data or how to make sure connected APIs from third parties are compliant?

That’s where InterSystems’ FHIR Server comes in. It’s a dedicated solution for FHIR-based data exchange and provides you a scalable, secure, and reliable platform for implementing and managing FHIR APIs. It ensures compliance with FHIR standards and simplifies the integration of FHIR data into your healthcare systems.

Connected healthcare begins with InterSystems FHIR Server


FHIR Standard Compliance

InterSystems FHIR Server ensures strict compliance with the FHIR standard, meaning you can rest assured knowing the data between your healthcare systems, applications, and stakeholders is in order.


Scalability and Performance

The FHIR Server is designed to handle a high volume of data requests and can scale according to the growing needs of your organization, maintaining optimal performance even under heavy workloads.


Security and Data Governance

InterSystems FHIR Server provides robust security features to protect your sensitive data. It supports data governance capabilities, such as access control, audit trails, and encryption, to ensure compliance with industry regulations and safeguard your patient’s information.


Extensibility and Customization

The FHIR Server can be easily extended and customized to accommodate specific use cases, workflows, or data requirements unique to your organization, making it a flexible solution that adapts to your needs.


Seamless Integration

InterSystems FHIR Server simplifies the process of integrating FHIR data into existing healthcare systems and applications. Its ability to convert between different data formats (e.g., HL7 v2, CDA) and support for various healthcare data standards gives you a smooth integration process, saving time and precious resources.

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Global and regional support

The FHIR Server comes with support for the latest HL7® FHIR® version, including the United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI), and the UK Core. By supporting the most recent FHIR version and key regional specifications, InterSystems FHIR Server ensures that you remain at the forefront of healthcare interoperability.

Open API-based definitions

With open API definitions for every FHIR resource, InterSystems FHIR Server allows you to conveniently test, query, and interact with your server. This feature simplifies development and integration processes, saving you time and effort while ensuring a smooth implementation.

A unique developer portal

InterSystems FHIR Server comes with a developer portal to help you understand and test FHIR APIs, through a Swagger-UI front-end. The developer portal streamlines your experience with FHIR APIs, offering an intuitive user interface, comprehensive documentation, and a straightforward way to access FHIR search parameters. This feature accelerates your API development and helps you utilize FHIR’s full potential.

API lifecycle management

InterSystems FHIR Server provides comprehensive management capabilities for the entire FHIR API lifecycle, from development and testing to deployment and monitoring. This end-to-end management ensures that you maintain full control over your APIs, enabling you to optimize their performance, security, and reliability throughout their lifetime.

Multiple authentication methods

InterSystems FHIR Server supports various authentication methods, such as API keys and multiple iDPs through OpenID Connect. This flexibility allows you to choose the best authentication approach for your organization, ensuring secure access to sensitive healthcare data.

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Simplify the integration of FHIR data into your healthcare systems.

Simplify FHIR data integration with InterSystems FHIR Server. Achieve compliance, scalability, security, customization, seamless integration, API lifecycle management, and multiple authentication methods. Contact our experts to unlock the full potential of InterSystems FHIR Server.

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