Connext Platform

Our 24/7 hosted and managed WSO2 cloud solution Connext Platform makes it easy to run your business. In the meantime, we ensure that your managed middleware platform is continuously operational.

Integration made easy

  • Reliable – High availability and automatic recovery
  • Convenient – Hosted & managed by Yenlo 24/7
  • Innovative – WSO2 Open Source Platform
  • Efficient – Low costs and short time-to-market
  • APIs – API Management & API Gateway
  • Integration – Enterprise Service Bus & Queuing
  • Security – Identity & Access Management
  • Flexible – 100% customizable

Connext Platform:

Connext Platform is for WSO2 veterans for whom a 24/7 scalable integration platform is the right solution. Yenlo’s Connext Platform integrates systems to support external and internal business processes. Our 24/7 hosted and managed WSO2 Cloud Solution makes it easy to run your business. In the meantime, we ensure that your managed middleware platform is continuously operational. This way you can fully manage the complete integration process on a proven and reliable platform from Yenlo!

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Why is Digital Transformation such a big thing?

We believe there are three main reasons why you should transform into a digital enterprise. For starters, it helps you stay ahead of competition. Second, it will help you come into closer contact with your customers. And third: in a while, there won’t be any non-digital company left, meaning your digital transformation is not exactly optional. Let’s look at these reasons in more detail below.

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“Connext Platform is the leading Cloud Solution for the WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 Enterprise Integrator and the WSO2 Identity Server based on a Cloud iPaaS model”.

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Less hassle, more success

Our Connext Platform solution is a fully Managed Middleware Platform-as-a-Service concept that runs in the Cloud. Connext Platform integrates tools for API Management, Enterprise Integration (both ESB and micro-ESB), Identity Management (IAM, SSO and federated authentication), and advanced Realtime Data Analytics.

Because it is highly efficient and scalable, the platform grows with the success and budget of your company. Moreover, it not only ensures a secure exchange of data for companies and their employees and partners but it also greatly simplifies the workflow for IT professionals.

Maximize your value

One of the most important functions of Connext Platform is to unlock services, processes and data for external parties and internal information systems and to make them of added value for your services.

We do this by offering API subscriptions to our customers, Identity and Access Management for information systems and advanced ways of system integration through a high-quality Enterprise Service Bus, including a message queue for reliable messages.

Security and control

One of the advantages of a digital organization is that you can exchange services and data with anyone, wherever this person, computer or that ‘thing’ is. At the same time, the service or data you exchange is probably your greatest asset. This calls for protection. Connext Platform gives you enough access and control features to hold back an entire army, such as an API Gateway and Identity and Access Management.

Analyze your data

Integrating IT systems on a platform alone makes no sense. Since your middleware platform isthe centre where all your data flows converge, you can also perform the necessary analysis on it. You can measure almost anything, from request counts and abnormal API usage to job monitoring, so you can manage individual workloads. All of this information will be displayed on a dashboard that you can adjust based on your preferences.

Yenlo has been thinking along with us from the start. Our members have never been affected by changes behind the scene.

Marco Uitendaal Product Owner, Brainbay


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