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Are you looking for reliable and proven integrations without the need for in-house management or WSO2 experience? Then Connext Go!, our revolutionary ‘Integration-as-a-Service’, is the solution for your company!

Integration-as-a-Service with Connext Go!

For most organizations, creating and managing connections is either too expensive and/or too complicated. With Connext Go! you can count on 24/7 complete mitigation: let the Yenlo-experts take care of the development, management, infrastructure, and support. For a fixed price per integration per month.

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What is Connext Go!?

One source of truth, prevention of errors, no double data entry: connecting software is crucial for your digital transformation. However, for most organizations within education, healthcare, government and SMEs (+), both the IT-budget and the available knowledge are often inadequate to realize and manage these connections themselves. The solution? With Connext Go! you will be completely alleviated by Yenlo experts on a 24/7 basis.

Not only will they develop the connections for you. They additionally take care of the management, support and infrastructure. This way it is possible for every type of organization to integrate systems, applications and data, even if there is no dedicated in-house IT specialist available.

And the best thing? For this service you pay a fixed – and fully transparent – price per integration per month.

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All your systems, applications and databases connected

Connext Go! offers an easy to access integration solution that allows all your systems, applications and databases to communicate seamlessly with each other. This may involve mutual connections between application systems, between application systems and (mobile) apps or between companies reciprocally.

The Yenlo experts develop reliable and proven connections for all software in education, healthcare, government and in business. From SAP to Osiris and from Logius to ChipSoft.

No need to worry about your integrations

Realizing and managing integrations yourself is very complex, error-prone, and time-consuming. With Integration-as-a-Service from Connext Go! you will be alleviated 24/7 in terms of development, management, infrastructure, and support.

The experts of the global API and integration specialist Yenlo ensure that your systems, applications, and data are always connected

In order to comply with the Open Bank API standards, we decided to work with WSO2 technology. Yenlo was selected as the system integrator because of their extensive WSO2 experience.

Michael Luft, Head of IT, Hanseatic Bank


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Even better-protected data streams

Because your integrations are updated and managed day and night, your systems and data are always safe. Unique to Connext Go!: additional security options such as an API gateway and Identity and Access Management (IAM) to protect your data streams even better.

IAM functionalities such as single sign-on, automated SCIM actions and audit trails do not only guarantee safe and easy identity management. They also ensure that you are GDPR compliant.

The fast solution for a fixed price per integration per month

Is your in-house IT specialist lacking knowledge? Then you might risk (custom) connecting processes take longer than planned and exceed your budget by far.

With Connext Go! your software is connected quickly, simple, and secure. For a fixed and fully transparent price per integration per month.

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