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Boomi offers hybrid-cloud services for organizations that want to connect on-premise and cloud-based systems in one simple and visually stunning solution. Yenlo embraces Boomi and therefore, we have been awarded year after year.

At Yenlo we strive to make the digital journey as simple as possible

With Boomi, you now have access to the best low-code solution on the market. The road to digital transformation is known to be a complex and resource-intensive process. It requires expertise, careful planning and migrating of systems, building applications and above all, handling sensitive data. This is where Boomi stands out. With simplicity and accessibility at its core. We believe that the digital journey can be a lot smoother and accessible to anyone. Open up a whole new range of opportunities and connect the best of both worlds, on-premise and in the cloud.

API Drag-and-Drop, Master Data Management, and Hybrid Integrations

Boomi provides a range of services that bridge between the old and the new. Its scalable services are built to connect on-premise legacy systems with future-oriented cloud-based systems. Designed for simplicity, with Boomi, anyone can build applications, design inspiring workflows  and manage master data sets.

Visualize workflows with Boomi Flow. Create APIs on the fly. Publish them on-prem or in the cloud with simple drag-and-drop, and easily manage their life cycles and versioning. Storing and securing all your data also becomes a lot better with Boomi’s Master Data Management service. This allows you to have a central storage for your most vital datasets and prevents data siloes. And lastly, Boomi has excellent EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capabilities, meaning communication and exchange of different files and extensions is always on point. With Boomi, integration becomes accessible to anyone.

Helpful Whitepaper “How to Choose your Ipaas Solution”

Uncover the critical insights into the world of iPaaS and the challenges in selecting the perfect solution. This comprehensive whitepaper delves into the problems addressed by integration platforms and emphasizes the necessity of their adoption

whitepaper how to choose your ipaas

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Boomi solutions for your digital transformation

Open up your business to the world
Support every stage of your API full lifecycle through Boomi’s hybrid environment. Helping you to configure and expose real-time integrations effortlessly.
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Open up your business to the world
A low-code iPaaS that brings simplicity and versatility to the forefront of your business. Connect anyone to everything with Boomi’s high productivity, hybrid integration AtomSphere…
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Open up your business to the world
Managing your Master Data has never been easier. Create and govern golden records to ensure your most critical data sets are synchronized and aligned at…
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