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Boomi AtomSphere Platform

A low-code iPaaS that brings simplicity and versatility to the forefront of your business. Connect anyone to everything with Boomi’s high productivity, hybrid integration AtomSphere Platform.


Integration accessible for everyone

With the growing adoption of cloud-based applications, businesses like yours are challenged to support new platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) initiatives that need to work with existing on-premise systems.

Boomi, one of the industry’s leading integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solutions provides you with a cloud-native, high productivity integration platform that easily and cost effectively supports all your application and data integration needs, across your hybrid IT landscape.

What separates Boomi’s platform from other iPaaS solutions is its signature drag-and-drop creation of workflows and integrations. The platform is designed for any midmarket or enterprise level organization looking for a low-code integration platform that can be used by any team member regardless of department and skill level. With core capabilities such as Data Integration, Master Data Management and API Management, Boomi AtomSphere connects anyone to everything with the push of a button.

 Connect anyone with Boomi’s AtomSphere Platform


Pervasive intelligence

Boomi AtomSphere provides suggestions and best practices to make every user more efficient and effective.


Distributed Architecture

Use Boomi Atom, a lightweight runtime engine that helps you deploy integrations wherever needed: in Boomi’s Atom Cloud, in a public or private cloud, or on-premises.


Low-code iPaaS

Boomi’s drag and drop visual UI and low code platform ensure the greatest speed and flexibility.



Boomi’s multi-tenant platform provides all cloud benefits, including flexibility, agility, design patterns, scalability, high availability, built-in redundancy, and automatic upgrades.


Unified platform

Quickly and easily discover and catalog your data; ensure data synchronization; integrate myriad applications, databases, and devices within your enterprise and build automated workflows that enhance human interaction with data.

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Integrate all your applications and data sources

Need to integrate multiple SaaS applications or SaaS to on-premise systems? Or even applications hosted on different public or private clouds? With Boomi, you can seamlessly integrate any number and combination of on-premise and cloud-based applications.

Support diverse integration patterns

The Boomi AtomSphere Platform has been architected to support all key integration and communication patterns, including application-to-application, pub-sub, real-time and event driven web services, streaming, batch, ETL integrations and more. Users can  leverage built-in tools to optimize for their use case, such as parallel processing for large workloads, Atom Workers for real-time processing, and Atom Queue for asynchronous process execution.

Unprecedented ease-of-use

Boomi’s intuitive UI provides drag-and-drop mapping tools, pre-built integration processes, reusable components, along with a vast library of connectors, enabling you to easily build simple to sophisticated integrations – no coding required.

Faster time-to-value

Boomi leverages best practices across its entire user base to provide you with crowdsourced intelligence features. These significantly speed up data mapping and error resolution. Centralized management and monitoring tools further increase your efficiency and simplify reporting and audit trails.

Integration becomes simple with Boomi AtomSphere Platform

Connect everyone to everything with Boomi’s cloud-native, unified, open, intelligent platform.

  • Low-code iPaaS solution with a stunning visual user interface
  • Includes a wide range of services to support your digital transformation: Boomi Integration, Boomi Master Data Hub, B2B/EDI Management, API Management, Boomi Flow (for workflow automations).
  • Cloud-native with hybrid integration capabilities supporting your systems both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Boomi Atom helps you create a distributed architecture and lets you deploy integrations across multiple environments.
  • AI capabilities to ensure your teams are provided with best practices and more effective processes.
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One of the best low-code iPaaS solutions available

Empower every one of your teams to create integrations with Boomi’s iPaaS solution. Contact our experts today to learn how easy and versatile Boomi can be.

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Boomi Whitepaper – What Is iPaaS?

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