Manage all your APIs from a single cloud-based interface

Azure API Management

Manage all your APIs from a single cloud-based interface

Like any other WSO2 product, the WSO2 API Manager is an open source solution, giving you all the freedom you need to change direction and scope. At the same time, the product fully supports you in API publishing, lifecycle management, application development, access control, rate limiting, monetization, and analytics. The WSO2 API Manager is the home of security and governance components, protecting your people, data and systems. And there you have it: ultimate freedom combined with endless possibilities.

Get things done with Azure API Management


Abstract backend architecture diversity and complexity from API consumers


Securely expose services hosted on and outside of Azure as APIs


Protect, accelerate, and observe APIs


Enable API discovery and consumption by internal and external users


Interact through the management plane, which provides full access to the API Management service capabilities


Use the open-source developer portal to discover the APIs, onboard to use them, and learn how to consume them in applications

Key API Management Scenarios

  • Unlock legacy assets – Use APIs to abstract and modernize your legacy backends and make them accessible from new cloud services and modern applications. Allowing you innovation without the risk, cost, and delays of migration.
  • API-centric app integration – Expose and access data, applications, and processes. Simplify and reduce the cost of app integration with Azure’s API-centric approach.
  • Multi-channel user experiences – Use your APIs to enable user experiences such as web, mobile, wearable, or Internet of Things applications. Reuse APIs to accelerate development and ROI.
  • B2B integration – Lower the barrier to integrate business processes and exchange data between business entities by exposing your APIs to partners and customers. Eliminate the overhead inherent in point-to-point integration. Especially with self-service discovery and onboarding enabled, APIs are your primary tools for scaling B2B integration.

API Gateway

  • Accepts API calls and routes them to configured backends
  • Verifies API keys, JWT tokens, certificates, and other credentials
  • Enforces usage quotas and rate limits
  • Optionally transforms requests and responses as specified in policy statements
  • If configured, caches responses to improve response latency and minimize the load on backend services
  • Emits logs, metrics, and traces for monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting

Management Plane

  • Provision and configure API Management service settings
  • Define or import API schemas from a wide range of sources, including OpenAPI specifications, Azure compute services, or WebSocket or GraphQL backends
  • Package APIs into products
  • Set up policies like quotas or transformations on the APIs
  • Get insights from analytics
  • Manage users

Developer Portal

  • Read API documentation
  • Call an API via the interactive console
  • Create an account and subscribe to get API keys
  • Access analytics on their own usage
  • Download API definitions
  • Manage API keys

Integrate with other Azure Services

  • Connect with Azure Key Vault for secure safekeeping and management of client certificates and confidential documentation
  • Use Azure Monitor for logging, reporting, and alerting on management operations, systems events, and API requests
  • Application Insights brings you live metrics, end-to-end tracing, and troubleshooting
  • Virtual networks and Application Gateway for network-level protection
  • Azure Active Directory for developer authentication and request authorization
  • Event Hub for streaming events
  • Several Azure compute offerings commonly used to build and host APIs on Azure, including Functions, Logic Apps, Web Apps, Service Fabric, and others.

Bring your APIs together with Azure API Management

Azure API Management is your hybrid, multicloud management platform for APIs across all environments.

  • Create multi-channel user experiences
  • Open up to B2B integration possibilities
  • Access and Modernize legacy assets
  • Extensive API Gateway capabilities
  • Includes Management Plane for insights and configurations
  • Exclusive Developer Portal for API keys and secure documentation

Broad integration possibilities with other Azure Services


Bring your APIs to the Cloud

Azure API Management is your cloud-based scalable API Management solution. Benefit from Microsoft Azure’s extensive options and take control of your APIs in every stage of the life cycle.

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