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The integration technology aligned with your needs

To each his own. That too goes for integration technology. There are many options to choose from; on-premises, hybrid, cloud-based, enterprise or mid-market level, low-code or complex. Therefore, at Yenlo we provide you with world-renowned integration solutions that fit like a glove for your business.

The multi-vendor approach

One size fits all is not something you’ll hear often when it comes to enterprise software solutions. And rightly so. Your industry, your market opportunities, your strategy, your resources, your Enterprise Architecture, all of these variables have a role to play in deciding which integration solution you choose to implement.


That is why at Yenlo we offer you a full range of leading integration technology vendors.

These include: WSO2, MuleSoft, Boomi, Azure, and our own proprietary solutions Connext Platform, Connext Go! and Telbase. From low-code to intricate development, from start-up to enterprise, from hybrid to cloud-based.

Whatever your needs or situation, we bring you the expertise and the matching solution. Embark on your digital journey with confidence, knowing that with Yenlo you have the right integration technology for your business.

Technologies we believe in for your digital transformation

At Yenlo you can choose from a range of major integration technology providers. Azure, Boomi, Mulesoft, WSO2, and our very own Yenlo cloud-based solutions. Find the right one for you.
API first, Open Standards first and Cloud first strategies are the starting point of everything WSO2 builds.
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Hybrid-cloud services for organizations that want to connect on-premise and cloud-based systems in one simple and visually stunning solution.
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The full range of cloud computing solutions under one roof for anyone from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.
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One of the industry-leading solutions for your most complex integration challenges
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How can we help you?

WSO2 Software Development

Software Development

Our 180+ industry experts are here to guide you and optimize the implementation of your middleware technology.
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WSO2 Installation Configuration

Enterprise and Solution Architecture

A blueprint is always the start of any good build. And with Yenlo’s Enterprise and Solution Architecture services you have clarity on the shape of your technology stack and the best fit-for-purpose IT solutions to go with.
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Healthcare icon

Consultancy & Health Checks

We help you plan, assess and shape your digital transformation.
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Migration Services

The smoothest way to transfer from on-premise to hybrid and cloud-first integration.
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Installation & Configuration

We can help you implement and configure the right technology based on your integration needs.
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WSO2 API Security

API Security via 42Crunch

To protect your APIs in the best way possible, Yenlo offers you additional API security with 42Crunch.
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WSO2 Managed Services Support

Managed Services & Support

With Yenlo Managed Services & Support you have access to the best support in the industry worldwide.
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WSO2 Training Certification

Training & Certification

We provide customized and private training courses
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Connext by Yenlo integrates systems to support external and internal business processes. Our 24/7 hosted and managed WSO2 cloud solution allows you to run your business easily.

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Connext Platform

The right solution for organizations in the search of a private and secure environment that is fully customizable.

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Connext Go!

The right solution for organizations with integration needs, without the hassle of managing a platform theirselfs.

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