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To each his own. That too goes for integration technology. There are many options to choose from; on-premises, hybrid, cloud-based, enterprise or mid-market level, low-code or complex. Therefore, at Yenlo we provide you with world-renowned integration solutions that fit like a glove for your business.

The multi-vendor approach

One size fits all is not something you’ll hear often when it comes to enterprise software solutions. And rightly so. Your industry, your market opportunities, your strategy, your resources, your Enterprise Architecture, all of these variables have a role to play in deciding which integration solution you choose to implement.

That is why at Yenlo we offer you a full range of leading integration technology vendors.

These include: WSO2, MuleSoft, Boomi, Azure, and our own proprietary solutions Connext Platform, Connext Go! and Telbase. From low-code to intricate development, from start-up to enterprise, from hybrid to cloud-based.

Whatever your needs or situation, we bring you the expertise and the matching solution. Embark on your digital journey with confidence, knowing that with Yenlo you have the right integration technology for your business.

WSO2: Open source as your key to agility and innovation

Yenlo is a product leader and multi-award winning Platinum Partner for WSO2. We don’t say that to boast but we say it to give you the certainty that when it comes to implementing open source solutions by WSO2 you’ve come to the right place. Through its Open Source, API-first, and Cloud-first approach, WSO2 technology allows you to be truly agile and innovative. We offer you a full range of WSO2 integration services and solutions for every step towards your digital transformation.


Boomi: Your #1 low-code integration solution

When you are looking for an integration technology that is so easy that anyone can use it, then Boomi is your answer. Apart from its low-code and visually stunning interface, Boomi gives you exceptional hybrid integration and EDI capabilities on a pay-as-you-grow model. Our products include a fully managed Boomi integration Platform-as-a-Service with a Master Data Management and API Management solution. As a product leader for Boomi, Yenlo guarantees you will always have a team of Boomi experts 24/7 at the ready to help achieve your goals.


MuleSoft: for your most intricate integration challenges

MuleSoft is designed to help you solve the most complex integration challenges on an enterprise-level. And because it’s backed by Salesforce, there is an incredible customer-centric support system that easily brings your teams up to speed and comfortable with using MuleSoft’s software solutions. MuleSoft gives you hybrid setup possibilities and is a powerhouse when it comes to API Management and integration capabilities. Choose Yenlo as your implementing partner to ensure MuleSoft brings out the best of your business.

Azure: Leverage the full range of Microsoft integration services

Microsoft Azure is an all-encompassing integration technology vendor. With countless services, clear documentation and extensive support systems, Azure helps you solve the most complex integration challenges. Built for both mid-market and enterprise level organizations, Azure offers you full cloud-based solutions to connect to everything and everyone.

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Intersystems: Revolutionary solutions for integrated healthcare

Optimize healthcare and results with InterSystems’ data integration solutions. Discover potential and overcome challenges with state-of-the-art technology for seamless integration and real-time data analysis.

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Amazon Web Services: Experience unprecedented efficiency with AWS integration

Use AWS integration to standardize your data and applications and seize new market opportunities. AWS offers a powerful, user-friendly service suite, backed by the reliability of Amazon Web Services, the world leader in cloud computing. Gain a competitive advantage and benefit from the proven AWS edge.

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We can help you implement and configure the right technology based on your integration needs.
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