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Real-time Streaming Data Analytics and Big Data

You’re on a roll. Your APIs are helping you interact with customers faster and at a lower cost than ever before. Great! But so is everyone else. Customers have so much choice in today’s fast-paced world. They can easily switch to your competitor. So, better customer insights may help. For the fix, enter Real-Time Streaming Data Analytics and Big Data.

It’s more important than ever to know who your customers are, what they want, when they want it and how to deliver it. It’s your raw user data that can give you that edge. But turning raw big data into valuable business insight demands software that is fast, reliable and not just collects the information. It needs to analyze it in real-time. Feeding it to your back-end systems so they make smart, agile decisions. No more post-processing in batches and running after the fact. The new style of business intelligence is rocket-fuelled – and it should have several key advantages and features. Let’s have a look.

Real-time control through real-time dashboards

Real-time dashboards mean you can see into your systems at any time. You have the power to start, stop, block, deny, cancel or terminate a process as it is happening. No more collecting (big) data only to have the tedious task to analyze it afterwards. Real-time control over systems means total control so you always stay ahead of the game.

Real-time decisions through alerts and service calls

You can keep a pulse on things yourself. Or you can set up rules, categorizing customers and business partners, so that the system does that for you. This is all good stuff for companies that need to pivot fast and make split-second decisions based on real facts. For instance, in-the-moment traffic information. A Real-Time Streaming Data Analytics solution can collect enormous amounts of big data, make sense of it and react with exact precision.

Machine learning and predictions

Real-time streaming data processing generates a ton of data. It’s truly big data. No human being could make sense of it all. Let us introduce the machine. Machine learning collects characteristics in the data and based on them, learns and generates business rules that are predictive. For instance, as soon as you leave your home, your phone gives you a weather or traffic update like Google does. We’ve all experienced digital providers who anticipate our needs and offer suggestions. It might feel like magic. Really though, it’s just great analytics and the application thereof.

What is iPaaS


The power of collecting so much data and creating real-time analytics means you can embrace new business models, such as monetizing your API usage. Real-Time Streaming Data Analytics help you make split-second calculations and decisions for your customers. Remember the last time you exceeded your mobile data limit? That system made a real-time decision whether or not to give you more bandwidth. Monetization lets you seize the moment and make customers happy. A true win-win.

Leverage your data, fuel your business with Yenlo’s streaming solutions

  • Analyse millions of data points per second dynamically
  • Lightweight and small deployment capable of handling large event rates
  • Process real-time aggregation queries that span from seconds to years
  • Distributed deployment to scale and process millions of events per second
  • Support for sophisticated use cases that require complex streaming operators and anomaly detection
  • Rich and agile development experience with Streaming SQL using the graphical drag-and-drop editor
  • Provides business users more autonomy in managing tools

Technologies we believe in for your digital transformation

At Yenlo you can choose from a range of major integration technology providers. Azure, Boomi, Mulesoft, WSO2, and our very own Yenlo cloud-based solutions. Find the right one for you.
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We can help you implement and configure the right technology based on your integration needs.
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Access to dashboards, automated processes, monetization possibilities, and above all: making sense of your data – that’s real-time streaming data analytics by Yenlo. Wondering what opportunities are on the horizon?

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