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We build all our solutions with WSO2 and we are proud that we are WSO2 Premier Certified Integration Partner and Value-Added Reseller.

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Managed WSO2 Cloud - Integration as a Service

Connext: Integration Platform as a Service

Integration tools are the only way to survive: got that. The next step is to build a smart platform to control them. You can tackle this in two ways: create your own team of specialists, or let us build and manage your platform in the Cloud. Our arms are open!

The ultimate platform is an all-in-one integration solution that functions as your Swiss army knife. Here, you can safely unlock your data to developers, follow up on incoming requests and analyze data and workflows in real-time. Our experts built a fully integrated and ready to go middleware platform that’s up and running without a lot of effort from your side. This way, the only thing you should run is your business. Let’s talk you through the details of Connext!

Integration happiness and reduced workload

Our Yenlo Connext solution is a full Managed Middleware Platform as a Service concept running in the Cloud. Connext integrates tools for API Management, Enterprise Integration (both ESB as well as microESB), Identity Management (IAM, SSO and federated authentication) and advanced real-time Data Analytics. As it’s high performant and scalable, the platform grows along with your company success and budget. Plus, it not only facilitates safe data exchange for you, your employees and your partners; it also makes the lives of your IT professionals a lot easier.

Unlock your value to external and internal parties

One of the main functions of Connext is to unlock services, processes and data to external parties and internal information systems and have them add value to your services. It does so by offering API subscriptions to service consumers, and Identity & Access Management to information systems, and an advanced way of system integration by an sophisticated Enterprise Service Bus including message queuing for reliable messaging.

WSO2 Managed Cloud | Connext | Yenlo

Business Rules and Workflows

Connext, a fully Managed Middleware Platform as a Service, also offers functionality to support your internal business processes. In combination with the Business Rules and Workflow features, you can take the complex decision logic out of your process flow, build sophisticated business processes and still maintain them with ease to adapt to the ever-changing rules.

Safety and control

One of the perks of being a digital organization is that you can exchange services and data with anyone you like, wherever this person, computer or “thing” is. At the same time, the service or data you’re exchanging is probably your biggest asset, meaning you need to protect it. The Yenlo Interconnect solution provides you with enough access and control features to hold off an entire army, such as an API Gateway and Identity and Access Management.

Turn on your analytics

There’s no use in integrating IT systems on a platform if you leave it at that. As your Middleware Platform is the hub where all your data flows come together, you can do some serious analyses on it as well. You can measure pretty much everything, from request count and abnormal API usage to task monitoring so you can manage individual workload. The platform shows all of this information on a dashboard that you can tailor to your needs.

Connext - Integration as a Service

A full managed and hosted integration platform without worries and hazzles

We provide you a full managed and hosted integration platform without the worries and hazzles that usually comes with integration. Yenlo offers a digital integration platform-as-a-service that’s powered by AWS and built with WSO2 open source technology. This makes it a swift, comprehensive and robust solution that so many CIOs, Information Managers and Enterprise Architects look for.

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Get things done with our Yenlo Connext solution

  • API Management
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Message Queuing
  • Data & Request Analytics
  • 24/7 Managed & Hosted by Yenlo
  • Full operational support
  • Monitoring, self Healing, Alerting
  • Yearly fixed budget
  • Scale up on-demand
Enterprise & Solutions Architecture

Defining the right Enterprise and Solution architecture can be a hard job. No worries, we’ll sit down together to set out your IT strategy and define the corresponding Enterprise Architecture and technical Solution Architecture.

Software Development

In need of expertise, specialists or another set of hands? Our experts join your team to help you develop your digital platform. Still need us after the completion date? You got it.



We’re always there to help, but having skilled in-house specialists is just as important. Have us train your IT team in the secrets of the WSO2 technology stack, so they know all the ins and outs of the WSO2 platform.

Operational and Development Support

After any great project phase comes the operational phase. That is what counts. We got your back with our 8/5 or 24/7 operational support services. In need of ad-hoc software development expertise? We deliver!

WSO2 product subscriptions

As Premier Certified Integration Partner and Value-Added Reseller of WSO2 we are entitled to resell WSO2 product subscriptions. With a valid WSO2 product subscription you have the privilege to receive software patches. We guide you in making the right architecture and choices.

Managed WSO2 Cloud

The great thing about Managed WSO2 Cloud is the fact that our experts take on the managing part. Lean back and leave the hard work to our experts!

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