Integration with AFAS

Connect your key applications to AFAS and unlock critical information that is locked in various systems.

Yenlo AFAS Integration Service

Connect your key applications to AFAS

Do you work with AFAS software but also have other industry-specific software? For optimal automation and interoperability between different applications, we integrate various packages using the Yenlo Integration Service.

Use the power of your data

Over 120 integrations with AFAS

By connecting your systems and software through our Yenlo Integration Service, the power of your software system and existing data only increases.

Connext Go!

Quick and effective system integration

With our Connext Go! platform, we develop time-saving integrations that connect applications and processes. This allows you to work effectively and make optimal use of the data in your organization. We ensure that systems “understand” each other, making the exchange of data considerably easier, faster, and more efficient. We have already developed over 120 integrations with AFAS Software for our customers in the Healthcare, Education, and Government sectors.

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Rapid and effective system integration


One-time capture

Double data entry is now a thing of the past.


Prevent errors

Since data is now only captured and modified in one central location.


Data availability

Analyze and report based on all the necessary critical data.


Complete peace of mind

We take care of development, infrastructure, and support for you.


Industry expertise

Over 120 integrations available for Healthcare, Education, and Government.

Connect your applications to AFAS

Benefit from integration

In recent years, an increasing number of organizations in the public sector have chosen to switch to the integrated solution provided by AFAS Software. From one package, a significant portion of all administrative processes can be executed, and this offers many advantages:

  • All information is stored in one central place;
  • Everyone works from the same system;
  • Data is entered only once;
  • Uniform way of working;
  • Reduced chances of errors;
  • Improved collaboration between departments;
  • Increased analysis and reporting possibilities.

However, organizations often have to deal with very specific processes that cannot be automated with a generic ERP package. In order to still benefit as much as possible from the advantages of integrated working, we have developed the Yenlo Integration Service: a platform (Connext Go!) that is capable of connecting various software applications with AFAS software, enabling you to make the most out of your software.

This creates a single source of truth, prevents errors, and eliminates duplicate data entry. For most organizations in Education, Healthcare, and Government sectors, both the IT budget and expertise are often insufficient to build and manage their own integrations. That’s where we come in! We not only develop the integrations for you but also handle the management, support, and infrastructure. This makes system, application, and data integration possible for any organization, even without dedicated IT specialists.

Over the past years, we have successfully realized over 120 integrations, providing daily benefits to our customers. We understand the processes and challenges you face like no other, as we have been working closely with Healthcare institutions, Education organizations, and Governments for years. We have extensive experience with AFAS, which is why we are a certified partner in data migration and integration.

Yenlo, the AFAS partner for data migration, integration, and optimization

Yenlo and AFAS have successfully collaborated over the years with hundreds of Healthcare institutions, Education organizations, and Governments to ensure a smooth transition to AFAS Profit. When your organization decides to work with AFAS software, you want the data from your old system to move seamlessly and error-free. We guide you through the entire process and ensure that everything regarding management, development, and integrations with AFAS Profit and AFAS InSite runs smoothly.

DNV GL Quality System Certification ISO 9001 201583 1

The quality management system of Yenlo is ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001 is a globally recognized standard with requirements in the field of quality management, making it a benchmark for transparency and reliability.

Integrating with AFAS?

Do you have questions about our approach to integrations with AFAS? Or are you curious about our experience with other organizations? Feel free to contact us without any obligations, and together we’ll explore how Yenlo can support you!

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