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Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management

Nowadays user identities travel everywhere across digital roads. They need to be given flexible and secure access that can navigate any kind of infrastructure. Across internal and external user stores, services, applications and data. Join us on a journey through Identity Access Management.

When you expose your services or data to the outside world, you open yourself up to a lot of security and systems challenges. Users logging in at your existing user store, or from external sources like Facebook, Twitter or Google need to be securely identified and connected to your services or data. But what about APIs? They also need to be authorized. That’s why any good IAM solution will act like an identity federation hub. This means not just a secure solution, but one that can handle all these accesses flexibly, and out of the box natively. Learn about what an identity hub solution can do below.

Bring Your Own Identity

Keeps your business lean and streamlined, and users free of identity fatigue. There’s no need to invent or administer a new identity when every user you serve already has a whole host through other providers like Google, Facebook or LinkedIn. With an Identity Access Management solution, you can choose which existing third-party identity stores you trust. That keeps your system safe, flexible and user-friendly.

Automated provisioning

Let’s not add to your to-do list of daily operations. It’s important that granting new employees and new users access doesn’t put pressure on people and systems. Today’s provisioning tech can beat a path between those systems to give access based on your specific requirements. For instance with automated SCIM actions. Less time on manual tasks means more time on strategy and innovation The benefits are all good stuff, like saving on operational costs, better efficiency and usability.

Identity & Access Management | Yenlo

Single sign-on that’s seamless

Help your users, customers and partners login seamlessly to all areas of your system without juggling multiple usernames and passwords. Give them access with just one account. And one click. Single sign-on lets all your apps recognize your users across applications and systems. An effective Identity Access Management solution is one that enhances user experience, and single sign-on is an obvious route to keeping users happy.

Connect to new apps

Isn’t it nice when things just work? Adding new apps to your secured domain should be no problem. For instance with OpenID connect or SAML. That’s what an IAM solution can do for you, and more. A good IAM solution gives you the power to give users access to one application under one set of conditions, and different application under another. It helps you define specific access right policies (claims) for an application effortlessly. Changing the policy of claims is easy. Now you can rest assured that you control who you let into your shop, when and under what terms.

Fraud detection that’s fraud protection

Defending against identity theft is always on the radar. But any good defender doesnt just detect, it protects. This is where an IAM tool that offers multi factor authentication (or MFA) comes in. It can implement authentication based on the level of information a user wants to retrieve. The higher the level, the higher the security. That means applying a two, three, or four-step authorization approach. Any IAM solution should be able to add multi factor authentication and data categorization as a fraud protection mechanism.

Analytics for legal ease

Yes, it’s time to talk about legal compliance and the need to provide user audit trails. But before you sigh, here’s an opportunity to differentiate yourself from other vendors. An Identity Access Management solution should have a solid audit and login/logout trail that you can apply analytics on top of, so you can monitor who is doing what, when and how. A good tool can do that out of the box. Let’s not stress about being covered for GDPR or any other legislation.

WSO2 Identity Server

An open source federated identity hub for the free transit of identities

WSO2 Identity Server has the power and flexibility to handle all these accesses securely. More importantly, it’s not just an identity solution. We’re big proponents of open source and open standards. WSO2 is one of the few suppliers that offers a federated identity hub that applies open source to such an extent. That means that when it powers businesses, it makes them user-friendly and future proof for anything coming down the pipeline.

More about WSO2 Identity Server

Let identities roam freely and securely with WSO2 Identity Server

  • Safely give access to multiple identities
  • Easy implementation: out of the box and native
  • Connect internal and external users
  • Inject APIs with secure identity management
  • Users get more data, you get more opportunities
  • Guard your dataflows
  • Provide great user experience
  • Free up daily operations
  • Connect any new app with specific access rights easily

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