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API Management

Remember the differences between internal and external systems? Neither do we. APIs have the power to open up your business to the world by connecting you to partners, customers and developers. A fully integrated API Management solution takes care of the rest.

APIs teach IT systems to talk to other IT systems, people, sensors and pretty much everything else around us. They gather valuable (customer) information and give access to your systems. This creates new business opportunities and a lot of cool integrated collaborations. But who will guard your services and data and track user behavior? The solution lies in a centralized approach through an API first strategy. Below, we’ll share our thoughts on the key requirements.


Governance and access policies

APIs are easily shareable. You hand out keys to your IT professionals, so they can get to work wherever they are. Same goes for the users of your applications, that gain access to your services with one click of a button. Your API Management solution should help you govern and monitor all your APIs and their keys at the same platform. Here, you publish and update your APIs, and monitor access and usage.

Security and interventions

If you make your services available to internal and external users, it’s crucial to know who enters your domain, what they do with your data and why. Second, you should be able to take action within seconds. An professional API Management solution (or API Gateway) gives you power over your services and data infrastructure by locking all entrees but the front door. At this front door, API policies, auditing and logging should be deployed to identify and approve users that want to enter.

api management

API monetization

Do you want to eat, or do you want to be eaten? That’s what we thought. To survive in this digital world, you need to innovate. API monetization will definitely help you here, as they enable you to create new business models. With APIs, you can charge your consumers based on the time they spent in your applications, the amount of data they consumed, or any other parameter. So, with a little twist, you can turn services or data into money.

The world as your IT department

You probably have some highly intelligent IT professionals working for you. But there’s no way they outsmart the world’s population. With an API Management solution, you can share your APIs through an open platform and have both internal and external developers contribute to your business. This cures the familiar IT delivery gap and helps your team make better services. It also speeds up the time-to-market and by that, continuous innovation is within reach.


Your API Management solution is the collaboration space where API consumers and providers gain access to the things they need, such as the API store and the API publisher. Everything they do and all the data they gather is worth analyzing, as you can use this information to optimize your services and improve customer intimacy. This makes your API Management solution the epicenter of collaboration, data collection and analytics.

wso2 api manager
WSO2 API Manager

We have a clear vision on how to implement your API first strategy

We believe that the WSO2 API Manager is the only solution in the world that combines all the features we’ve just discussed. Plus, this solution perfectly matches our vision on digital transformation. The WSO2 API Manager gathers a laundry list of powerful features that give you all you need to speed up and develop beyond your limitations. We, in turn, use the WSO2 API Manager to implement your most successful API first strategy.

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Our latest thinking on API Management in the integration and IT landscape.

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Connect to the world with the WSO2 API Management Platform

  • Share your data with the world
  • Have external developers join you
  • Create new products and services
  • Overcome the IT delivery gap
  • Invent new business models
  • Secure your data and systems
  • Analyze everything that comes in
  • Build your own API community
  • Learn about customer behavior
  • Speed up the development process

Our API Management case studies

We’re proud of our beautiful and innovative API Management projects.

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A state of the art integration platform for an ambitious University
Case study

A state of the art integration platform for an ambitious University

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Utrecht University understands the importance of large scale data management and the need for a state of the art integration platform and chose Connext.

Connext enables brainbay to securely share data
Case study

Connext enables brainbay to securely share data

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Brainbay, a NVM company, uses WSO2 Identity Server and WSO2 API Manager and Yenlo's Connext to make the collected data from the NVM available via industry standards to all their internal and external...

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