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AFAS Data Migration with Yenlo

Our structured and proven approach results in a seamless data migration to AFAS software.

AFAS Data Migration without worries

Preserving data quality

The data in your organization’s systems form the foundation of your operations. Everyone deals with data on a daily basis, from HR personnel and purchasers to payroll administrators and IT managers.

It is therefore essential to handle this data carefully and securely. When switching software packages, it is important that your organization experiences minimal disruption. But perhaps even more importantly, you should be able to trust the data quality without hesitation after the migration.

Experts in AFAS data migration

Thanks to hundreds of migration projects

Migrating data from an old source system to AFAS software starts with making choices: which data should we migrate and which should we leave behind? Determining this scope is a crucial phase in the migration process. At Yenlo, we have specialized in perfecting, refining, standardizing, and automating the data migration process to the AFAS software package down to the last detail. This is the result of years of experience in executing hundreds of migration projects!

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Seamless, predictable, and transparent data migration


Clear migration plan

A clear migration plan and detailed schedule for all stakeholders at the start of the project.


Clear agreements

Clear agreements regarding the core migration and desired additions and expansions.


Consistent translations

A consistent approach to translation and data transformation through the Yenlo Migration Service.


Ensuring quality

A control mechanism that guarantees the quality of the actual data migration.


Own customer portal

Access to your customer portal where you can find all the agreements throughout the entire process.

Data migration, this is how Yenlo operates

The power of a structured approach

When it comes to data migration to AFAS, we follow a combination of well-defined tasks and outcomes that Yenlo executes and achieves. The scope of the data migration project can be expanded with additional services and components. This need varies per client. The complexity of the process largely depends on the source system where the data originates from.

Especially with older systems, the quality and richness of data often fall short, making it more complex to properly store data in AFAS.
To ensure a high-quality migration, we distinguish different phases that require specific actions. The phases are as follows:

Analysis Phase

Project Intake with the project leader and executing senior consultant to create the migration plan and detailed schedule. If you, as the client, provide the data yourself, we also organize a mapping session in this phase, where our consultant explains the data submission templates. During an interpretation session, we discuss the source data and any necessary “translations” required to bring the data into AFAS.

Implementation Phase

After extraction, we script the data in the appropriate format for the trial migration. Together, we discuss the findings of the trial migration and any iterations needed to test new scripting. Only after acceptance of the trial migration, the live migration takes place.

Testing Phase

In some of our projects, the live migration occurs during the testing phase. This is coordinated with the project leader from AFAS.

Go-Live Phase

We extract and script the cumulative data from the source application and migrate it to AFAS. Our project leader closely monitors the process, and together, we verify that everything is in order.

Post-implementation Phase

We provide an “accountant-proof” report and evaluate the migration project together.

The project leader on our side is responsible for the planning, all acceptance moments, the migration plan, the evaluation, and the discharge, and is ultimately accountable for the project.

Yenlo, the AFAS partner for data migration, integration, and optimization

Yenlo and AFAS have successfully collaborated over the past years on hundreds of projects to facilitate a smooth transition to AFAS Profit for healthcare institutions, educational organizations, and government entities. When your organization decides to work with AFAS software, you want the data from your old system to be seamlessly and flawlessly migrated. We guide the entire process and ensure smooth management, development, and integration with AFAS Profit and AFAS InSite.

DNV GL Quality System Certification ISO 9001 201583 1

The quality management system of Yenlo is ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001 is a globally recognized standard with requirements for quality management, serving as a benchmark for transparency and reliability.

Yenlo, the AFAS partner for data migration

Do you have any questions about our approach to data migration to AFAS? Or are you curious about our experience with other organizations? Feel free to contact us, and together we will explore how Yenlo can assist you!

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