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Before we can discuss your Digital Transformation, we need to answer the question why Digital Transformation is such a big thing. Let’s tell you about our vision and considerations and then introduce you to the solutions that will help you digitally transform your business.

Our proprietary solutions: built by Yenlo, optimized for you

Apart from providing integration technology by world-renowned vendors, Yenlo also offers its own set of unique solutions. Built with special attention to your specific niche, strategy, and industry. Let our proprietary integration technologies boost your business.

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About us

Unique solutions to pave the way to digital transformation

With a global team of integration experts and developers we believe we have a firm handle on the integration challenges of our customers. We manage and implement solutions from multiple world-renowned vendors. We’ve tried and tested these technologies thoroughly. These invaluable learnings have not gone to waste.

We’ve drawn knowledge from some of the best components: API-first, Open Source, Identity and Access Management, and built solid and secure integration solutions to make your enterprise stand out. To go beyond the possible and embark with confidence on your digital journey.

Why the need for Digital Transformation

We believe there are three reasons why shifting to a digital enterprise is the right choice in the current changing technology landscape.

1. Ahead of the curve in a more connected world

The world is moving towards becoming fully connected. Interoperable across all levels. From industries, to governments, from enterprises to individuals. The digital world is merging with our real world lives and requires solutions that bring us further. Riding this wave and thus becoming a digital enterprise puts you at the heart of innovation. It allows you to proactively shape strategies that are far ahead of the curve.

2. Delivering exceptional service through customer integration

Digital transformation is about being of better service. To become more connected with your partners, suppliers, and customers. To optimize your efforts, your impact and increase the longevity of business relationships. We’re talking about customer integration, how digital-first strategies allow you to seamlessly integrate your solutions with the lives of your customers.

3. Operational agility and financial benefits

And finally, digital transformation leads to major improvements on operational efficiency and technological possibilities. Streamlining and automating workflows, effortless collaboration, easy-to-use cloud-based platforms. These are some of the core benefits that help you reduce costs, improve your data security, and bring you more agility to act swiftly in this changing landscape.

A selection of our clients

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Introducing: Yenlo’s stand-out solutions.
Empowering you to lead your digital journey with confidence.


Connext by Yenlo integrates systems to support external and internal business processes. Our 24/7 hosted and managed WSO2 cloud solution allows you to run your business easily.

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Connext Platform

Fixed fee / year

The right solution for organizations in the search of a private and secure environment that is fully customizable.

  • Integration Platform-as-a-Service
  • All-in-one integration solution
  • API Management, Enterprise Integration & IAM
  • Running on Amazon Web Services
  • Private & Secure
  • 24/7 Management & Support
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Connext Go!

Fixed fee per integration / per month

The right solution for organizations with integration needs, without the hassle of managing a platform theirselfs.

  • Integration-as-a-Service
  • 100% Managed
  • 24/7 Support
  • Fixed price per month
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The agile way

Our approach to projects

Digital transformations are hard work (we would know). But we’re here for you, from architecture to support. Through our club of experts we offer full life cycle services. This means we assist you in terms of time, material and projects from A to Z.

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“The solutions provided should really add value to the customers business”

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