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Solutions for your Digital Transformation | Yenlo

5 solutions for your Digital Transformation

Before we can discuss your Digital Transformation, we need to answer the question why Digital Transformation is such a big thing. Let’s tell you about our vision and considerations and then introduce you to the solutions that will help you digitally transform your business.

Why is Digital Transformation such a big thing?

We believe there are three main reasons why you should transform into a digital enterprise. For starters, it helps you stay ahead of competition. Second, it will help you come into closer contact with your customers. And third: in a while, there won’t be any non-digital company left, meaning your digital transformation is not exactly optional. Let’s look at these reasons in more detail below

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Stay ahead of competition

In our modern world of globalization and 24/7 demand, customers are used to instant service. To stay ahead of competition, each enterprise, either a commercial company, a government agency or a charitable institution, must deliver its services or products in a very short time to market. And not only should they be fast. Their services and products should also be easy to use or implement for the customers or business partners that bought them.

Increase customer intimacy

Clearly, it’s important to know exactly who’s engaging with you and what he or she wants from your organization at that specific moment in time. Identification, access control, and well constructed services and data are key to delivering the best personalized customer experience possible. This customer experience, in turn, will help you build better customer relationships that determine the future success of your business.

Don’t get left behind

As competition and customer intimacy have a deep impact on the way we operate, more and more companies recognize the need to go digital to overcome today’s business challenges. This is why we strongly believe that in the end, each commercial company, government agency, medical institute and charitable institution will become a digital agency. Because if they don’t, they’ll lose touch with their audience, that demands real-time interaction and ultimate user experience. You might say that going digital is the only way to go!

Critical success factors

To sum up: there’s competition to beat and customers and business partners to please. We believe you can have both by becoming a digital agency. In order to become one fast, you need two things: agility and low investment costs for both you and the users of your products and services. They need to be able to engage with your business without any financial or technological barriers. Let’s call this lowest possible engagement costs.

Mind the lock-ins

Agility against low engagement costs it is! But how do you make this happen? We believe the secret lies in avoiding three important types of lock-ins:

  • Financial lock-ins, for example software license costs
  • Technical lock-ins, for example by proprietary programming syntax
  • Knowledge lock-ins, for example one single person keeping crucial information and know-how for himself
digital transformation success factors

3 critical factors your plans should comply with

Now that you know about the importance of agility, low engagement costs and the risks of lock-ins, we’ll share 3 critical factors your plans should comply with. Here goes:

1.  Take on an API first strategy to unlock data and services to your customers and business partners. This will bring you flexibility, as you decouple internal information systems and use them for external engagement.
2.  Go with an Open Standards and Open Source first strategy, which will protect you against financial and technical vendor lock-ins.
3.  Choose a Cloud first strategy to avoid investments in hardware, software and avoid the notorious knowledge lock-in for system engineering.


What role does WSO2 play in this story?

For all the reasons above (every single one of them!) Yenlo chose to partner with the one and only 100% open standard and open source based integration platform: WSO2. They bring agility and freedom of choice to enterprises all around the world. And, as you might have guessed, API first, Open Standards first and Cloud first strategies are the starting point of everything WSO2 builds.

Let’s introduce you to the most important components that will build your digital transformation.