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WSO2 Installation & Configuration

Yenlo’s WSO2 Installation & Configuration service helps you find the perfect alignment you were looking for.


The WSO2 platform excels in its openness, freedom and versatility. That is why it is possible to find optimal alignment with the needs of even the most demanding users. However, finding an optimal configuration requires insights regarding the installation and configuration of the different WSO2 products; especially when they have to be installed and configured with interconnecting features. Yenlo’s WSO2 Installation & Configuration service helps you find the perfect alignment you were looking for.

High availability, security and scalability

Apart from functional choices governing the installation and configuration, there are additional decisions to make concerning the availability, security and scalability of the desired products. With over 200 successful projects on our name, Yenlo has become a leading expert in the field of installation and configuration of WSO2 products. All our integration experts at Yenlo work with a handbook full of proven best practice guidelines, including pitfalls that should be avoided at any costs, for installing and configuring a WSO2 middleware environment.

On-premise or rather cloud-based?

Yenlo is able to install and configure your WSO2 middleware technology in a way that optimally fits your needs. The first choice you have to make is whether to go with a traditional environment based on virtual machines, a container-based platform, or a combination of these. Needless to say, we offer our clients the freedom to host these systems themselves, outsource them either to a traditional provider or a cloud provider, or even use a mix of these possibilities. The use of systems spread over several continents is also one of the options, in case there is a need to realize a global platform. 

With our WSO2 Installation & Configuration service we’re offering the ideal choice between a single deployment of WSO2 products and a fully automated roll out by means of, for example, Ansible and Helm-Chart scripting.

When thinking of a cloud-based environment, you can also consider Connext, our Platform-as-a-Service solution. Read more about Connext Platform.

Clarity on budget and turnaround times

Clients are completely informed with our WSO2 Installatie & Configuratie service. Thanks to the applied rules of thumb and long-standing expertise, we are able to accurately estimate the needed budget and expected turnaround times of each installation and configuration project in advance.

Our projects are known for their smooth collaborations between Yenlo’s experts and managers of the future middleware environment. The operations by Yenlo are carried out remotely in which daily cooperation of all stakeholders is desired. This approach makes the WSO2 Installation & Configuration service a team effort, fosters knowledge transfers and ensures that scheduled deadlines are observed.

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