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WSO2 Enterprise and Solution Architecture

Enterprise & Solution Architecture is an indispensable component in any organization making a digital transformation.


Enterprise & Solution Architecture is an indispensable component in any organization making a digital transformation. We, at Yenlo, understand like no other the importance of carefully constructed architecture. Yenlo is a Premium Partner of WSO2 and has a team of certified architects, experts who are all recognized by WSO2 for their capabilities to design and build the best Solution Architecture for clients.

“Our long-time experience and WSO2 expertise guarantee your organization a solution architecture that is Yenlo certified. This means that the architecture is based on a blueprint and according to the best practices Yenlo developed in cooperation with WSO2. In short: proven and fully supported by the technology provider.”

Ruben van der Zwan, CEO and founder of Yenlo
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TRUMPF Group: ‘’One of the reasons we chose for WSO2 was because other platfors didn’t have such good implementation partners like Yenlo. We want the best software and implementation partners.’’

Markus Frank Team Leader. Data Analytics and Application Development, TRUMPF Group
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Future-Proof Solution Architecture

In order to make a digital transformation possible, every organization needs, in essence, a solid Solution Architecture. The creation of the right Solution Architecture can be a complex challenge, especially when all components have to be taken into account. You may think of a combination of elements as API management, Enterprise Integration, and Identity & Access Management, but also modern characteristics like cloud native, scalability, and security should be integrated in the way they are practiced nowadays.

By building your Solution Architecture correctly from scratch, it will be able to grow in step with the changing needs of your organization. Yenlo does not consider only the here and now during Solution Architecture development, but also takes (still unknown) future plans into account. Utilizing this approach, Yenlo creates a future-proof Solution Architecture and makes your organization’s digital transformation successful.

“With 400+ successfully completed integration projects on record as a leading expert in the field of open source middleware technology, Yenlo is, more than anyone, able to design and implement the right Solution Architecture for its clients.”


Professional Enterprise Architecture

Whereas Solution Architecture answers the need for structure among technical components of an organization, Enterprise Architecture is the solution needed for the organization’s information structure. Yenlo specializes in the development of a professional and rigid Enterprise Architecture based on DEMO and with the assistance of tooling like Archimate. This makes Yenlo the partner of choice in creating an Enterprise Architecture fit for your organization.

Enterprise and Solution Architecture for any budget

What makes Yenlo stand out in their approach is the way they take client requirements as a starting point. The development of each and every Enterprise and Solution Architecture starts with an assessment of the available budget and future possibilities of the client, from which Yenlo will always develop the most efficient set-up for the client.

In an early stage, Yenlo draws up a model and diagram from which a translation to time and budget can easily be made. Clients gain immediate insight into the possibilities when it comes to planning and budgets.

Moreover, Yenlo offers Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture either on a Time and Material (T&M) basis or against a fixed price. 

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