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WSO2 Consultancy & Health Checks

Yenlo’s WSO2 Consultancy & Health Check service plays a major role in the digital transformation of every company using WSO2 technology. By means of secondment, Yenlo offers its clients both capacity and WSO2 expertise.


Custom WSO2 Consultancy 

Yenlo offers several Consultancy Services, which are specifically adapted to the needs of each individual client. Certified WSO2 experts are available for our clients to work with their software development teams who simply need help implementing a specific project. This option is also very popular among clients who like to keep matters in their own hands, but rather leave the technical implementation to a third party.

For clients who do not have the needed capacity or knowledge to pull off a WSO2 implementation, our experts can take care of the full implementation process. For every type of project there is a custom WSO2 Consultancy solution available. 

WSO2 Health Check

Our Yenlo experts are ready and equipped to lend a helping hand to clients who already started with the implementation of their WSO2 middleware technology. Are problems arising, or even technical depths that seem to get out of hand? Or is there a general feeling that the implementation just isn’t configured optimally? Don’t worry, we’re just as well able to use our in-depth technical knowledge and proven experience in your ongoing situation. We are able to assess the existing WSO2 environment and with some additional questions will draw up a recommendation report with necessary short-term and medium-term changes to achieve an optimal state for your specific WSO2 environment.

We invite clients to a consultancy engagement based on Time & Material. Besides, we fully trust in our T-Shirt Sizing project methodology and extensive technical knowledge in the areas of open source, WSO2 and middleware, that we wouldn’t mind offering a fixed-price project engagement. Moreover, we would even like to accept the challenge to provide an outstanding performance for our clients for a fixed price.

Regarding our WSO2 Health Check we have decided on a standardized procedure, for which a fixed price is truly justifiable. This guarantees that everybody involved in the project knows exactly what to expect. 

Open source middleware expert

Yenlo is the proven expert in the area of open source middleware in which we understand like no other how loosely linking by means of API’s and integrations can make the difference in reaching the digital transformation goals of your organization.

Let’s face the situation with honesty, integration technology is complex. There are many choices to make when implementing API’s, Integration Solutions and Identity Management. There are no golden rules, but there are important do’s & dont’s and valuable experiences to take into account. We, at Yenlo, have acquired broad experience with over 150 successfully completed digital transformation and implementation projects and possess the necessary technical depth to see every project in the area of middleware technology come to a good end. 

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