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The right technology, the right fit, the right agreement. Yenlo has all the proper licenses in place to ensure the smoothest digital journey for you.

Software Licensing and why it’s important

In general, the software products you use require activating licenses or agreeing to “terms and conditions” before they can be installed and accessed. Poor software license management can lead to negative consequences. Think of inefficient IT spending or budgets wasted on excess software licenses. But more importantly are the financial and legal risks of non-compliance with software licensing agreements.

With Yenlo you can be sure that your product licenses and services are always up to date and in compliance. And when you customize your technology stack outside of our standard offering then we are here to advise you on which additional licenses are required.

In most cases, cloud-based applications such as our integration Platform-as-a-Service solutions will often include license details such as: monthly, annual, or per-use costs, agreement duration, terms of cancellation, and services included.

Different categories of Software Licenses

When it comes to your software licenses there are five different categories to distinguish. Each encompasses a wide spectrum of licensing scenarios, from free software (public domain) to paid commercial software (proprietary).

1. Public Domain License

Software in the public domain is free for anyone to use and modify without restrictions. This “permissive” license allows you to copy the code into your applications and projects and use the software as you see fit.

2. GNU/LGPL – GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

Under an LGPL license, your developers have rights to link to open source libraries within your own software. The code can then be licensed under any other type of license – even proprietary – when projects are compiled or linked to include an LGPL-licensed library.

3. Permissive

Permissive licensing is one of the most common and popular among open-source software. This type of license – also referred to as “Apache” or “BSD” – doesn’t have many restrictions or requirements for the distribution or modifications of the software.

4. Copyleft

Copyleft licenses are restrictive. A copyleft license means that the licensed code may be modified or distributed as part of a software project only if your new code is distributed under the same software license.

For example, if the code in your software product is specified to be for “personal use only,” the new product created under that license must have that same purpose/restriction.

5. Proprietary

Proprietary software licenses make the software ineligible for copying, modifying, or distribution. This is the most restrictive type of software license, protecting the developer or owner from unauthorized use by others.

Always in compliance, always transparent, always by your side

At Yenlo we highly value being compliant with the technology solutions we offer you. Our range of products, services, and platforms each come with distinct license agreements that ensure you are fully compliant and can get to work with full clarity on where you stand. Whether that is usage, support, terms, legalities, troubleshooting, you name it: we ensure it’s there. And should you have other technology products and services that you are unsure of, we can help you assess and advise how to integrate those within your Yenlo solutions. With Yenlo you are always in compliance, know exactly where you stand, and have us by your side.

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Always in compliance, no surprises

Being compliant can save you from fines and even lawsuits. With Yenlo you can ensure that whatever technology or service you choose, it is always up to date and aligned with policy and regulations.

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