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Enterprise and Solution Architecture

A blueprint is always the start of any good build. And with Yenlo’s Enterprise and Solution Architecture services you have clarity on the shape of your technology stack and the best fit-for-purpose IT solutions to go with.

An Enterprise Architecture that you can build on

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is about the overall look and focus of your business processes in relation with your application landscape. It comprises which real-world challenges your organization chooses to focus on, followed by shaping more holistic strategies both in technical choices and business direction.

It is important to get your Enterprise Architecture right. Because you want an EA that is built to handle your current business needs and is also agile enough to pivot in a fast-moving IT landscape.

With Yenlo’s Enterprise Architecture service we help you create the blueprint of your technology stack. Together, we develop a solid EA based on the Design and Engineering Methodology for Organisations (DEMO) with additional tooling like Archimate. This makes Yenlo your partner of choice for creating an Enterprise Architecture fit for your organization.

Future-Proof Solution Architecture

Where Enterprise Architecture lets you define which business challenges you choose to focus on and what the information architecture around it looks like: Solution Architecture (SA) is about identifying and describing which IT solutions should address those business needs. SA is the well-thought-out roadmap that works towards the identified direction.

In other words, in order to make digital transformation possible, every organization needs a Solution Architecture. The creation of the right Solution Architecture can be a complex challenge, especially when all components have to be taken into account. Think of a combination of elements such as API management, Enterprise Integration, and Identity & Access Management. But also, modern characteristics like cloud-native, scalability, and security are added to the mix.

“With 400+ successfully completed integration projects on record as a leading expert in the field of open source middleware technology, Yenlo is, more than anyone, able to design and implement the right Enterprise and Solution Architecture for its clients.”


By building your Solution Architecture from the ground up with the help of Yenlo, in parallel to your Enterprise Architecture, you will be able to scale, pivot, and adapt comfortably regardless of the changing needs of your organization and your industry.

In our approach we do not only consider the here and now of your Solution Architecture development, but we also take (still unknown) future plans into account. By utilizing this holistic approach, you create a future-proof Solution Architecture designed for a successful digital transformation.

Enterprise and Solution Architecture for any budget

What makes Yenlo stand out in our approach is the way we take your requirements as a starting point. The development of each and every Enterprise and Solution Architecture starts with an assessment of your available budget, your current resources, and your current and future IT and industry possibilities.

After assessment, we draw up a clear model and diagram that shows the time and budget required to implement. Giving you immediate insight into your possibilities and the planning that comes with it. Our Enterprise and Solution Architecture services can be executed either on a Time & Material basis or for a fixed price.  From here we carefully design and develop according to the most efficient set-up for you.

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Technologies we believe in for your digital transformation

At Yenlo you can choose from a range of major integration technology providers. Azure, Boomi, Mulesoft, WSO2, and our very own Yenlo cloud-based solutions. Find the right one for you.
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A blueprint you can build on

Begin your journey of digital transformation with the right blueprint. Learn more about Yenlo’s Enterprise & Solution Architecture service to optimize your enterprise’s possibilities.

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