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We help you plan, assess and shape your digital transformation.

Custom Consultancy

Every business is unique. That’s why at Yenlo we stay away from cookie-cutter approaches and offer only customized consultancy. Meaning our Consultancy Services are fine tuned to your specific business needs and budget. Our certified independent experts help you assess how your solutions stack up according to your needs, identify a roadmap aligned with your resources, and ultimately help shape your digital transformation. Whether that comprises a single project or laying the foundation for your entire architecture. With Yenlo’s Consultancy you now have access to customized advice fit for purpose and aligned with your available resources.

Health Check

We trust you know what you are doing when it comes to your technology stack. And at the same time we understand it can be helpful to have an extra set of eyes to see that everything is running smoothly. Much like a periodical medical check with your doctor, Yenlo’s Health Check service is there to identify details and solutions you might not have spotted.

Whether you already have your middleware technology in place, or have just started implementing new systems and applications: Yenlo’s experts are ready and equipped to assess how your solutions are performing. And of course, where they can be improved.

Are problems arising, or are you dealing with technical debt that seems to get out of hand? Or is there a general feeling that the implementation just isn’t configured right? We’re here to offer in-depth technical knowledge and proven experience in your situation on an ongoing basis. We assess the existing environment and draw up recommendation reports with necessary short-term and medium-term changes to optimize your specific environment.

Our Consultancy service is Time & Material-based (T&M). Meaning, you have access to our expertise whenever it is needed most. Aside from T&M we can also offer a T-Shirt Sizing project methodology for open source, WSO2, Boomi, Azure, and other major middleware technologies for a fixed-price project engagement. Whichever method fits best for your needs, you can expect outstanding performance and service.

The Yenlo Health Check service is a standardized procedure, for which a fixed price is applied. For more information please contact us for a consultation.

Open source middleware expert

Integration technology is complex. There are many choices to make when implementing APIs, Integration Platform and Solutions, and dealing with Identity and Data Management. There are no golden rules, but there are important do’s & dont’s and valuable experiences to take into account.

With Yenlo, you have the number 1 integration expert across Western Europe and North America right by your side. And when it comes to middleware technology, we understand like no other how systems, platforms, applications and integrations need to be set up to achieve your digital transformation goals.

We look forward to helping you propel your business into a new era. With better interoperability, empowered teams, and a solid architecture built for the future. Contact us today to learn more about Consultancy & Health Checks.

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Technologies we believe in for your digital transformation

At Yenlo you can choose from a range of major integration technology providers. Azure, Boomi, Mulesoft, WSO2, and our very own Yenlo cloud-based solutions. Find the right one for you.
API first, Open Standards first and Cloud first strategies are the starting point of everything WSO2 builds.
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Hybrid-cloud services for organizations that want to connect on-premise and cloud-based systems in one simple and visually stunning solution.
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The full range of cloud computing solutions under one roof for anyone from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.
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One of the industry-leading solutions for your most complex integration challenges.
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InterSystems offers state-of-the-art technology that bridges the gap between current challenges and the intended interoperable future of Open Healthcare.
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Amazon Web Services offers a powerful and user-friendly service suite, supported by the reliability of Amazon Web Services – a world leader in cloud computing.
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How secure and optimized is your technology stack?

With Yenlo’s Consultancy and Health Check service you can be sure that your technology stack is operating at the best level. Learn more about this service from our experts.

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GGD GHOR: Yenlo’s API Manager helps contain the COVID-19 pandemic

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