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Quite simply, when it comes to AFAS Software, Yenlo is the undisputed specialist in the field of data migration, integration, and optimization. We handle the process of data migration, integrate applications, and optimize the AFAS software. We guide the entire process of your organization transitioning to AFAS, from start to finish. All data, systems, and other variables are smoothly and quickly transferred from your source system to AFAS. And that’s how we do it!

This is how we help you get the most out of the AFAS software

yenlo migratie service

Yenlo AFAS Migration Service

Data migration to AFAS software

You’ve chosen AFAS software, great! We’re here to help your organization move data from your current application to AFAS! We have years of experience in migrating data from various source applications and have refined this process in detail. This way, you transition smoothly to AFAS!

yenlo integratie service

Yenlo AFAS Integration Service

Connections with AFAS software

Besides AFAS, you might also use other (industry-specific) software and applications. Understandable, but the problem is that important data is often scattered across different systems. With our Integration-as-a-Service platform Connext Go!, we can quickly connect other applications to the AFAS software.

yenlo expert centrum

Yenlo AFAS Expert Center

Benefit from our knowledge and experience

To optimize your business operations, you want to make the most of AFAS. But you may lack the expertise. With a subscription to our Expert Center, you’ll always have access to our specialists. Need help with setting up, training, and shaping functional management? We’re here for you!

This is how we ensure that you make the most of AFAS every day



We are the absolute specialist in data migration to AFAS software.



You can rely on our years of knowledge and experience in Health Care, Education, and Government.



We’re happy to assist you with managing and developing connections with AFAS software.



Our experts help you optimize and excel in using AFAS software.

Yenlo, the AFAS partner for data migration, integration, and optimization

Over the past years, Yenlo and AFAS have successfully collaborated with hundreds of healthcare institutions, educational organizations, and governments to ensure a smooth transition to AFAS Profit. If your organization also decides to work with AFAS software, you want the data from your old system to move flawlessly and seamlessly. We guide the entire process and ensure that everything related to management, development, and connections with AFAS Profit and AFAS InSite runs smoothly.

DNV GL Quality System Certification ISO 9001 201583 1

Yenlo’s quality management system is ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001 is a globally recognized standard with requirements for quality management, making it a benchmark for transparency and reliability.

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Quite simply, when it comes to AFAS Software, we are the undisputed specialist in data migration, integration, and optimization. Contact us for a non-binding chat, and together we’ll see what Yenlo can do for you!

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