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Benefit from our knowledge, expertise, and years of experience to continuously get the most out of your software.

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The AFAS Expert Center of Yenlo

Gain advantage from the expertise of Yenlo’s consultants

Do you leave your software as it is after implementation? Or do you want to keep innovating, optimizing, and excelling? To maximize the potential of your software, you need specific, in-depth knowledge that you might not always have in-house. Our Expert Center consultants do!

Our consultants have years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of data migration and the possibilities offered by AFAS software. This enables them to unlock the full potential of the software for your organization, ensuring continuous support in management matters.

Team of AFAS Experts

Support for questions and challenges

The Expert Center comprises a team of AFAS Experts who can assist you with various questions and challenges. Besides guiding you in managing, optimizing, and configuring the software, they provide support in setting up, training, and shaping functional management around AFAS Profit, In- and OutSite, and integrations.

With a subscription to the Expert Center, you are always assured of fast availability, you can participate in online walk-in consultation hours, and you will be proactively informed about important updates, legal changes, and optimization possibilities.


Benefit from our AFAS Expert Center


Optimal utilization

Together with you, we ensure that we continuously get the most out of the software.


On-demand expertise

With a subscription to the Expert Center, you are always assured of our top consultants.


Always up-to-date

We proactively keep you informed about upcoming software updates and legal changes.


Online inspiration

We organize online walk-in hours where you can participate and ask your questions.


Various subscriptions

We are happy to discuss a suitable subscription for your organization.

Yenlo, the AFAS partner for data migration, integration, and optimization

Over the past years, Yenlo and AFAS have successfully collaborated with hundreds of healthcare institutions, educational organizations, and governments to ensure a smooth transition to AFAS Profit. If your organization also decides to work with AFAS software, you want the data from your old system to move flawlessly and seamlessly. We guide the entire process and ensure that everything related to management, development, and connections with AFAS Profit and AFAS InSite runs smoothly.

DNV GL Quality System Certification ISO 9001 201583 1

Yenlo’s quality management system is ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001 is a globally recognized standard with requirements for quality management, making it a benchmark for transparency and reliability.

Want to know more about our AFAS Expert Center?

Do you have questions about our AFAS Expert Center? Or are you curious about our experience with other organizations? Feel free to contact us, and together we’ll explore what Yenlo can do for you!


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