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“A full lifecycle of services to complete your digital transformation”

Stepping into the world of digital transformation can be overwhelming. Where do you start? What resources are available and what do you already have in place? At Yenlo we offer a full range of services for every step in your digital journey. We are here to help you plan, build, and run the best integration solutions aligned with your business needs.

Plan, Build, and Run

The full lifecycle of integration technology can be divided across three core stages: Plan, Build, and Run. At Yenlo, our services are aligned with these three stages so you know exactly where you are and what service you need at what stage.

The Plan stage is about laying out the blueprint and assessing where you are. The Build stage consists of migrating, developing, and implementing solutions. And finally, the Run stage has a range of services to lighten your load through additional security, managed services and support tools.

Every enterprise has different needs when it comes to integration solutions. You might already have a great tech team on the ground and simply seek strategy consultation. Or you have your Enterprise Architecture in place and are now at the stage where you want to build and run technologies to execute on your strategy. Or perhaps you just want to focus on your core business and need a trusted technology partner to help you from A to Z; planning, building, managing and supporting you.

Whether you have a clear view on your integration needs or whether you haven’t fully mapped out where you are going yet, Yenlo is here to assist you every step of the way. Depending on where you are in your digital transformation lifecycle we have the service to bridge the gap.

Plan: Optimize your blueprint

Available Services:

Consultancy & Health Check, Enterprise & Solution Architecture

The first step in your integration architecture lifecycle is the planning stage. In this stage we carefully look at what technologies you currently have in place, what business objectives you have, and what the technology roadmap looks like to ensure the best results.

Do you already have an Enterprise or Solution Architecture in place? Great! Then our Build and Run services are what you are looking for. Though in case you need an extra set of eyes on your architecture, we’re happy to perform health checks and consult on optimizing the details of your current technology stack.

Build: Create your foundation

Available Services:

Migration Services , Installation & Configuration , Software Development

As a multi-vendor integration specialist, we are experts in pinpointing the right integration solution for your business. And aside from helping you draw up your blueprint, we also help you develop and implement it.

Our Migration Services are designed to transfer your systems, applications and data to a better-fit technology whilst minimizing the disruption on your operation. The Installation & Configuration service is there to help you set up your cloud-based integration platform, a hybrid one or something else entirely fit for your purpose. And lastly, when you desire to outsource the actual Software Development, we have a team of experts at the ready to develop and implement for you.

Run: For your peace of mind

Available Services:

API Security, Managed Services & Support, Training & Certification

The final stage of your digital transformation lifecycle has to do with support services. At Yenlo we strive to help you not only achieve business results but to do so with peace of mind. We’ve got your back. From additional security with our API Security service; to Managed Services & Support; Licenses; and Training & Certification. Look to our Run services when you are in need of ongoing support for both your teams and technologies.

At Yenlo we are with you every step of the way

Regardless of where you are in your digital journey. Plan, Build, and Run with Yenlo for an unmatched digital transformation. Click on your preferred Yenlo service to learn more about what it means for your business and get in contact with our experts for a consultation.

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How can we help you?

WSO2 Software Development

Software Development

Our 180+ industry experts are here to guide you and optimize the implementation of your middleware technology.
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WSO2 Installation Configuration

Enterprise and Solution Architecture

A blueprint is always the start of any good build. And with Yenlo’s Enterprise and Solution Architecture services you have clarity on the shape of your technology stack and the best fit-for-purpose IT solutions to go with.
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Consultancy & Health Checks

We help you plan, assess and shape your digital transformation.
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Migration Services

The smoothest way to transfer from on-premise to hybrid and cloud-first integration.
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Installation & Configuration

We can help you implement and configure the right technology based on your integration needs.
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We can help you implement and configure the right technology based on your integration needs.
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WSO2 API Security

API Security via 42Crunch

To protect your APIs in the best way possible, Yenlo offers you additional API security with 42Crunch.
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WSO2 Managed Services Support

Managed Services & Support

With Yenlo Managed Services & Support you have access to the best support in the industry worldwide.
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WSO2 Training Certification

Training & Certification

We provide customized and private training courses.
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