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Yenlo chosen as WSO2 Top Partner of the Year – for 3rd year in a row (Europe)

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For the third year in a row, Yenlo has been chosen as ‘WSO2 Top Partner of the Year (Europe)’; an award given to the organization with the most successful WSO2 integration projects of that year. Additionally, the Dutch integration specialist received the ‘WSO2 Integration Partner of the Year 2020 Award’. Ruben van der Zwan, CEO of Yenlo, commented: “This is a great encouragement to expand the WSO2 adoption worldwide. This makes it easy for people to connect and for companies to start their digital transformation.


Amsterdam, 29 January 2021 – WSO2, the global leading enterprise platform for integrating APIs, applications, and web services, annually presents this award to the partner that has built the best solution on their open source platform. Thanks to the close collaboration with WSO2 and a triplet of prominent integration projects, Yenlo received the Partner of the Year 2020 (Europe) award – like they did in 2018 and 2019 as well. Last year, Yenlo also received the Most Certified Partner Award. This year, the company received the WSO2 Integration Partner of the Year-award. 

The driving force behind digital transformation

“We have been working together with WSO2 for twelveyears now and each year our partnership grows more intense and becomes more productive. These awards motivate us in our goal to increase the WSO2 adoption amongst companies worldwide. The advanced open source technology, combined with an API- and cloud-first approach, avoids lock-ins of any kind, and provides organizations with the freedom they need to innovate. In this sense, WSO2 is the driving force behind digital transformation. Not just can organizations now create agility, customer intimacy, and operational excellence, they can also introduce new products and services.”

Ruben van der Zwan, CEO of Yenlo

Increasing ties to WSO2

The corona crisis has led to increased connections on the digital highway, van der Zwan points out. “Via the APIs and services that we have realized via WSO2, we help organizations connect people on a daily basis: not just amongst each other, but with organizations, products, services, and goods as well. Corona has boosted the global digital connectivity enormously, and will continue to do so over the coming years. Take the platform economy for example; per year, it will realize over 1 billion dollar in terms of APIs and services alone.”

Connext: cloud solutions for WSO2

In 2018, Yenlo introduced the Connext Platform. On this scalable, 24/7 hosted and managed cloud solution, Platform-as-a-Service, WSO2 experts can develop their own integrations. The latest service Connext Go!was launched in 2020 and offers Integration-as-a-Service: for companies that want to be unburdened day and night in terms of development, management, support, and infrastructure of integrations. Unique: the fee is a fixed and fully transparent monthly price per integration. 

WS02: world’s #1 integration platform

Thanks to the solutions for API Management, Enterprise Integration, Identity & Access Management, and Data Analytics, the WSO2 platform offers unparalleled integration possibilities. For example, you can integrate, transform, and store all data within -and outside – your organization. 

About Yenlo

Yenlo is the only WSO2 Platinum partner operating worldwide and has the world’s largest concentration of WSO2 experts across a network of seven offices in six countries. Since its foundation in 2007, Yenlo has grown to be WSO2’s leading and most experienced partner. Yenlo believes that organizations must be flexible in order to become a digital agency that can optimize the relationship with their customers and introduce new services, products, and business models. Yenlo also believes that this flexibility – in technology, knowledge, and finance- can be realized by adopting an API-first and cloud-first strategy.

Yenlo brings agility to organizations by providing the best professional services based on their vast expertise. Our services vary from enterprise and solution architectures to software development, operational support; and WSO2 product support, training and certification programs. This is complemented by our pre-built Solution as a Service offerings, like our Connext service; a fully managed integration Platform as a Service. More information: www.yenlo.com and follow Yenlo on LinkedIn and Twitter or via Yenlo’s WSO2 Community.

More information?

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