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Yenlo acquires Datacon to join forces in integration landscape

Alfeu Dos Santos
Online Marketer
Yenlo x Datacon

The Datacon acquisition opens both vertical and horizontal growth possibilities for both system integrators.

Amsterdam, October 18th , 2021 – Yenlo acquires Datacon in a move that sees both API- and Integration specialists increase market opportunities and leverage each other’s capabilities by joining forces. For Yenlo it is a move that further strengthens its growth strategy. For Datacon it is a move that helps the company reach bigger portfolio clients in untapped markets. The acquisition will commence in a gradual manner, with both organizations initially keeping to their separate services and operations. Datacon’s CEO and Co-Founder Meindert van Duijvenbode will be included in the Yenlo Group board of directors.

“This acquisition further fuels the ambition of Datacon to be a go-to multi-vendor API- and Integration specialist on an international scale. Though our current market impact is healthy and favourable towards that ambition, being included in the Yenlo Group boosts our ability to scale and gain access to new markets and client profiles. We are immensely proud of the journey Datacon has taken up until this point and are truly excited to be joining forces with Yenlo”

Meindert van Duijvenbode, CEO & Co-Founder, Datacon

“There is a famous proverb that reads: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. So, it is with great joy and gratitude that we announce this joining of forces that brings mutual benefit. Yenlo’s growth strategy is clear and the Datacon acquisition is exemplary of it. Expanding our API-, Integration and Identity Management expertise to further our aim on a market leading position in API- and Integration technology across West-Europe and North America. Datacon brings a wealth of knowledge that will no doubt be of significant importance to current and future clients of Yenlo.”

Ruben van der Zwan, CEO & Co-Founder, Yenlo

Both Yenlo’s and Datacon’s operations and services will remain separate for now. Pre-identified and forecasted strategic milestones will signal when Datacon will gradually merge with Yenlo. The Datacon acquisition sees the Yenlo Group increase it’s human resources to approximately 180 experts in the API-, Integration and Identity Management domains. Bringing in over €25 million euro in annual revenue, the Yenlo Group takes a leading market position. The acquisition fits Yenlo’s growth strategy and will be the first of several in the upcoming year to solidify its services in Western Europe and North America.

About Datacon

Datacon is an independent specialist in application integration, data integration, API management and master data management, using multiple leading iPaaS products such as Azure, Boomi, Informatica and MuleSoft. It creates value by making fragmented information in organizations reliable and available so that cost benefits are realized, and new business models can be developed. More information is available at www.datacon.nl or www.datacon.be

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