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Yenlo announces new Vice President of Strategy, John Mathon

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San Francisco, USA, March 29th 2016 – Yenlo, an ICT integration expert company and Premier Partner of WSO2, announces a new Vice President of Strategy, John Mathon. Mathon is co-founder of TIBCO and is known as one of the most important experts in software solutions in the market.

Yenlo, Premier Partner of WSO2, is delivering high quality services based on WSO2 technology worldwide. Yenlo currently has offices in the Netherlands (HQ), Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. WSO2, is the only 100% open source integration platform for optimized SOA and connected enabled businesses.

To enable Yenlo’s further growth in both North America and Europe, John Mathon is hired as Vice President of Strategy. Before joining Yenlo, Mathon was one of the founders of TIBCO where he served for 15 years as CTO, and where he was responsible for the complete integration technology stack of TIBCO software. Afterwards he became Vice President of Computer Associates and later he was Vice President Product Strategy at WSO2. In addition, Mathon is a very well-known keynote speaker at universities and international conferences.

Mathon will focus on defining and implementing the Yenlo growth strategy for North America and Europe centered round Yenlo’s philosophy of the ‘Connected Business’.

Ruben van der Zwan, CEO, Yenlo International Holding: ‘Yenlo wants to become one of the world’s leading companies in providing integration solutions with open source technology. Solutions supporting enterprises with their API and IOT challenges. John will define the company’s roadmap with North America and Europe. I am proud to have him on board’.

John Mathon - Vice President of Strategy YenloJohn Mathon, VP of Strategy, Yenlo USA: ‘New technologies are advancing at a staggering rate due to the proliferation of Open Source components, Closed Source Components and Cloud Services. Some of the many applications companies are struggling to implement the right DevOps approach, combined with Data Analytics and the refactoring of APIs within new service architectures.

I look forward to helping Yenlo to become one of the worlds’ experts in building solutions with this component technology’.

About Yenlo

Yenlo is the integration specialist with a strong focus on open-source and java-based middleware solutions. Yenlo is Premier Partner of WSO2 who delivers, worldwide, implementation services, software development services, training and certification programs, and support services. Yenlo evolved from a company based in the Netherlands to a global company, with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States.

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