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CEO change in WSO2

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Tyler Jewell

On 11 September 2017, Sanjiva Weerawarana announced that he stopped as CEO of WSO2. Tyler Jewell is the new CEO of WSO2, Sanjiva will remain as Chief Architect and will become Chairman of the board. Sanjiva started WSO2 more than 12 years ago together with Paul Fremantle, who’s back as CTO at WSO2 after finishing his PhD in IoT Security.

Tyler Jewell - CEO Change in WSO2Tyler Jewell, founder of Codeenvy, is not new to WSO2 as he is part of the board since 2011, with some breaks in between. Sanjiva convinced Tyler, the board members and the shareholders that handing over to Tyler is the right thing for WSO2 and their stakeholders; shareholders, employees, partners and customers.
 Tyler Jewell, new CEO of WSO2

Sanjiva Weerawarana about this move: “WSO2 has a 5-product portfolio, 400+ customers, 490 employees and a recurring revenue business that’s growing really well and one that will be profitable this year. While I’m pretty good in technical stuff (if I may say so myself ;-)), taking such a rocketship and positioning it to the market, driving its evangelization and making it win in the marketplace is not where I know I’m the best in the world at. I also know that a lot of that needs to happen in the US, the land where technology trends are created.

Tyler is incredibly good at that stuff. Ballerina and WSO2 deserves to have the best in the world guiding its market leadership vision, strategy, plan and execution.

This is absolutely not just about Ballerina either. We have several other rocketships in our portfolio and more on the way. Plus, our entire portfolio of products really is simply a hell of a lot better than anything else to digitally transform an enterprise. Tyler will of course own that too and will help improve the positioning, packaging and marketing of our digital transformation story to get it to market domination status. In other words, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Tyler also understands that this is a massive long term opportunity that he’s taking on. We’re both not in a hurry — we have the legs and stamina to take on the market in a marathon and beat them.

That is why I’m leaving as CEO and giving control of WSO2 to Tyler.”

Yenlo, Premier Certified Partner, is proud to be part of WSO2’s journey. We believe this is a huge step forward and our customers will benefit from it as well. We wish both Tyler and Sanjiva all the best with their new roles! 

Resource: https://medium.com/@sanjiva.weerawarana/time-for-a-leadership-change-in-wso2-3bf2e4e5bec8 

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