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Nice to meet you! Get to know Yenlo and Connext

Yenlo is the global data and process integration specialist in the field of Digital Transformation with open source technology and solutions. Since its founding in 2007, Yenlo has grown to be the leading and most experienced partner of WSO2, and has won several WSO2 awards.

Yenlo is WSO2’s only globally operating Platinum Partner with the world’s largest pool of WSO2 professionals across a network of seven offices in six countries.

Connext Go! & Connext Platform

With its Connext Platform and Connext Go! solution, Yenlo provides out-of-the-box, managed cloud solutions for sophisticated API management, Enterprise Service Bus integrations, Microservices and Identity & Access management to many leading organizations around the world.

In order to offer solutions suitable for all types of organizations, Connext is made available in two variants: Connext Go! and Connext Platform.

Connext Go! is an Integration-as-a-Service solution for organizations. This solution is fully managed by Yenlo, and comes with reliable 24/7 support. The cost is a fixed monthly price per integration.

On the other hand, our Connext Platform is a Platform-as-a-Service solution. This solution is aimed at WSO2 veterans looking for a scalable, in-house integration solution. A solution in which clients can develop all links and integrations independently. For access to our Connext Platform we charge a fixed yearly price, which depends on the size and needs of your organization.

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