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Integration in Telecom: Dialing in on the four main challenges

Integration in Telecom: Dialing in on the four main challenges

The Telecom industry is changing. 5G and IoT are becoming main drivers and as a Telecom provider you are likely pulled towards adopting these technologies. But how to do so in a way that isn’t rushed and remains true to your strengths? The answer lies in solving challenges around technology integration, data security, customer experience, and governance. That is where Yenlo comes in. It is our mission to help you go beyond offering commoditized voice and data services into a new realm of innovative revenue streams and dynamic digital experiences.

Technology Integration

Network slicing in 5G, edge computing, Internet of Things. All of them are fantastic concepts that form the pinnacle of technological advancement in telecom. But how do Communication Service Providers (CSPs) gain access to these technologies? The challenge is in integration. To modernize your legacy systems by bringing them into more agile and connected environments. We’re talking hybrid and cloud-based integration platforms.

Pinpointing the right integration platform for your business is one thing, leaving your legacy systems is another. A known fear for CSPs is the disruption on operations when migrating to more equipped platforms. Yenlo’s migration services are specifically designed to help you overcome that challenge. Minimizing disruption and optimizing your potential. In addition we offer Telbase, our BSS solution that provides you with provisioning, BI, customer support, revenue assurance, and product management among others.

“The Telecom industry got some special processes and requirements which are unique to telco-companies. Like Provisioning, CDR’s, Customer loyalty programs, CIOT and many more. With many existing customers in the Telecom industry, we are experts in delivering these needs in a one-stop-shop approach with our Telbase solution (Telco-in-a-Box). A modular solution that fits in your existing landscape.”


APIs: The path to improving your customer experience

Being in a highly competitive market asks of you to exceed customer expectations in order to retain and grow your customer base. Cloud-based environments are especially adept to integrate a multitude of ancillary and OTT services. It is another strong argument for migrating to hybrid or cloud-based integration technologies.

Within those environments APIs are your path forward. As you focus on your core business, APIs from partners, third-party service providers and in-house developed solutions will help you expand your digital strategy and widen your value propositions. Our API Management solutions are designed to handle the most complex connections, whether you are in need of a low-code drag-and-drop solution or an intricate API platform to handle diverse networks.

Data Security

As your APIs open a whole new range of dynamic services and monetization possibilities, you have to deal with sending, receiving, and storing vast amounts of data. You might wonder how to keep all those data points secure and accessible to only authorized people. Our data integration, Real-time Data Analytics, and Identity Access Management solutions are equipped to handle your most delicate big data and identity access challenges. Yenlo is your number 1 identity access specialist and with add-on API security services like 42Crunch, we can ensure your data is secure.

Governance and Regulation

As complex as the telecom market already is, changing regulations and governance requirements add another layer to deal with. The fact is that on premise legacy systems are in a difficult position. As the technology around these outdated systems keeps evolving, it becomes harder and harder to adhere to rules and regulations. Thereby exposing yourself to cyber threats, fines, and added pressure to your development teams to keep your systems running.

It doesn’t need to be that way. Our hybrid and cloud-based integration solutions make it easy and clear to govern your integrations and APIs. With as-a-Service licenses you also have the added benefit that the technology you choose is always aligned with the latest privacy policies and government regulations.

Elevate your enterprise and become a true Digital Service Provider. One that leverages state-of-the-art integration technology to automate your network operations, enhance customer experience, and develop innovative business models that give you the competitive edge. You can call on Yenlo as your number 1 integration and identity access management specialist in Europe and North America.


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