Yenlo is an innovative partner who is able to boost those logistic chain processes like no other by using Connext, our cloudbased solutions. Like to know more about the possibilities? Contact our specialists for more information.

Differentiate yourself as a logistics provider in a cost efficiency way

In logistics, the digital transformation is characterized by a high pace of innovation, close cooperation between many parties and highly pressured margins. Connext Platform and Connext Go! are cloud-based solutions that help you differentiate yourself as a logistics provider in a cost efficiency way. Yenlo is an innovative partner who is able to boost those logistic chain processes like no other.

Optimal cooperation between chain partners

The world of logistics shows several very specific characteristics when looking at the field in which Yenlo operates. One of these is the high number of chain partners a logistics supplier has to deal with. There is more to it than just senders and receivers, as there are (one or more) transporters, intermediaries and sometimes even customs services involved. 

Every chain partner is indispensable and has its own role to play within the logistics sector. Because there are so many different parties involved, cooperation and communication between all is oftentimes needed to achieve the desired profit – and there is where Connext comes in. 

“Our Connext solutions provide a full integration between all chain partners who are active in the logistics sector, creating a smooth and efficient way of communication. The reciprocal exchange of information isn’t only faster, but also less error prone. Hence all Connext users save time and money!”

Ruben van der Zwan, founder and CEO of Yenlo

High performance by smart automation

The second important characteristic within the world of logistics is the combination of speed, trustworthiness and predictability with which goods can flow through the chain. In many cases it is of major importance that the complete logistics chain is able to quickly transport goods, especially when fresh or time sensitive products are involved. With so many potential chain partners playing key roles, it is important that the reciprocal exchange of information between all of them is accurate and fast.

The entire process, from the moment an order comes in, until the time products are delivered, is optimally designed by means of smart automation – that certainly includes the information exchange.

Cost efficiency in transportation

A third characteristic within the logistics chain is margin. Caused by the high number of chain partners and strong competition the need for a cost efficient approach to logistic tasks is obvious. Although the world around us seems to be consumed with a digital transformation, logistics is still very much governed by old legacy information systems and outdated protocols for information exchange. Both are hard to unite in the modern, tightly integrated forms of cooperation. The EDIFACT standard is an outstanding example illustrating this. 

Yenlo is the trusted expert in optimisation of chain partner integrations within the logistics chain. With modern technologies like API’s, integrations based on modern standards and web services, Yenlo is even able to integrate outdated protocols as if they were modern API-based interfaces. This is all included in our cloud-based Connext solutions. 

Connext knows how to unite high performance with low costs, for example, by making smart re-use of existing integration patterns. Like to know more about the possibilities with Connext? Contact our specialist for more information.

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Connext by Yenlo integrates systems to support external and internal business processes. Our 24/7 hosted and managed WSO2 cloud solution allows you to run your business easily.

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