Connext Go! supports Health Level standards HL7v2 and HL7v3, but also the full FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) protocol.

Changing the communication between all parties involved

Within the health care sector, mutual communication between patients, clients, health care providers, health insurances, and governmental bodies has lacked behind for years. Several optimization rounds have passed, yet there is still room for improvement. Yenlo’s Connext Go! software offers a suitable solution.

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Modern healthcare

An online or phone consultation inherently implies several security risks, showing the need for integration and security even clearer. The Connext Go! solution by Yenlo assures secure connections, making online or digital consultations even better protected than consultations in a closed consultation or treatment room.

Besides, we offer important insight into patients’ health with modern gadgets like Apple Watch and FitBit. It is of great importance to integrate such data in a correct manner, for example, in an electronic health record (EHR), and secure it properly. Connext Go! is the integration hub that can take care of this kind of integration.

The healthcare sector is slowly but definitely catching up with the times. Consultations are not only possible in consultation or treatment rooms, but also online or via phone calls. The recent COVID-19 developments, especially, have stimulated distanced consultations, and made consultations at home more common.

Open Health Care Specification

The United States will adopt Open Health Care Specification in 2021/2022. This law forces healthcare providers, health insurances, and the government to be bound by the consent of patients in the exchange of their information.

A patient has to grant explicit approval before a healthcare provider, health insurer, or government may access their medical records. Practically, you may think of a medical specialist passing the needed information on to a pharmacy or of two hospitals exchanging patients’ health records. Soon, the patient will have to decide if that will be allowed.

The Open Health Care Specification brings about an immediate challenge for the healthcare sector as a whole. It doesn’t only require integration of the necessary systems, but an additional prerequisite for the patient’s consent needs to be added within these systems as well.

Yenlo’s solution

In order to make both implementations possible, Yenlo developed a way, with its Connext Go! solution, to provide a hub through which all integrations can communicate. Connext Go! supports Health Level standards HL7v2 and HL7v3, but also the full FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) protocol.

With this FHIR protocol or FHIR standard, basic links can be realized with EPIC, for example, which has access to EHRs in the Netherlands. This applies to the Dutch EHR (or EPD, Electronic Patient Dossier) for cure segments, but also to all other application systems for ECDs (Electronic Client Dossier) in care departments of the Dutch Healthcare sector.

Overview of linkable software

  • BIG Register
  • Epic Invoicing Software
  • Epic Debtors Connection
  • Epic OR Connection
  • Nedap HRM Connection
  • Nedap Debtors Connection
  • AGB Register
  • Fixer.io
  • PE-online
  • GS1 Nederland
  • HL7 NAW Mutations

Better care through better interoperability

Let collaboration be a seamless process across all stakeholders. From healthcare professionals, to insurance providers, to patients. Learn how integration can improve operations and save lives in the process.

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