An ongoing shift to the Cloud is causing great turmoil among governmental bodies.

The first step of many in digital transformation

The transition towards cloud-based solutions is only the first step of many in a digital transformation. The real challenge for many government institutions comes with channel integration between governmental bodies and in their communication with citizens. Yenlo’s Connext Go! offers a solution in governmental digital transformation.

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Effective Cooperation With Channel Partners

Especially within the government vertical, effective and efficient collaboration of channel partners and civilians is crucial. The additional difficulty for governmental bodies lies in interoperability, fixed standards, and responsibility transmission which are of utmost importance for successful channel integration.

Standards and interoperability in the field of Identity & Access Management are taking flight, particularly in Europe. A strong example is the conversion of national IDs to eIDs under eIDAS, giving EU citizens the opportunity to identify themselves with their national ID across the entire Union.

Yenlo reacts to these developments with Connext Go!, a cloud-based solution. Connext Go! works with the applicable standards to safeguard interoperability between users.

Generic Solutions with a Tailor-Made Payment Scheme

Practice has taught us that patterns in data transmission are the same among all governmental bodies. This implies that the way in which governments communicate with their civilians is uniform across countries. Moreover, the characteristics of communication between governmental bodies show great similarities. Yenlo has utilized this knowledge in building a generic integration base, by the name of Connext Go!, based on the open-source technology of WSO2. It comes with a ‘pay per use’ payment scheme, rather than the standard model charging for ownership — which has been used ineffectively within cloud strategies for too long.

In essence, the generic solution comes in a tailor-made payment scheme as smaller investments are required from our clients. Yenlo’s WSO2 experts are starting from an existing platform when developing any client-specific integration. This workflow enables the Connext Go! solution to offer a thoughtful answer to all kinds of integration issues different government bodies face.

Centralized and Decentralized Data Storages

Another development institutions often have to deal with, is on the one hand a need for centralized data storages, but also decentralized data storages on the other. To assure both centralized and decentralized data storage are in order and can be accessed rightly is an art of its own. Exactly in this aspect, Yenlo adds its valuable expertise.

Yenlo’s experience with API-first strategies shows that it is the way to go in approaching these issues. The API-first strategy guarantees there is only one single point of truth, regardless of the choice for either centralized or decentralized documentation. It also makes maintenance and management of defined information easier and faster.

Our Connext Go! solution supports this API-first strategy by regulating both centralized as well as decentralized data storage according to market standards.

Security is guaranteed in Connext Solutions

The term ‘safety’ regarding integration solutions for governmental institutions implies two main aspects of concern. The first being the classic form of safety expressed in words like connectivity, trust, and encryption. In a sector like the government, this has to be assured for the full 100%. Therefore we guarantee this kind of safety in our Connext solutions.

The second aspect is the portability of security. The ebMS protocol is internationally used to secure this. EbMS enables governmental bodies to transfer responsibilities for certain data safely and confidentially. The development of Connext solutions by Yenlo is based on this ebMS protocol and answers all questions regarding safety in the government sector.


Only this approach makes our Connext solution about 98% GDPR-compliant. The remaining 2% is basically covered by the login for an integration hub like Connext. Yenlo has found, yet again, an innovative answer in executing data logs on Connext Go! by means of Elasticsearch and Kibana dashboards.

Bring policy and digital transformation together

The many challenges around government digitization practices can be handled in a secure and innovative manner. Learn how Yenlo’s integration possibilities can create real change for cities and their citizens.

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