Not even a century ago, only a select few had direct access to information. Back in the day, classrooms were designed for an efficient distribution of knowledge; one person in front of a group, the level based on the student’s age. Nowadays, a whole world of information is available to the same group of students. With one mouse click, one swipe, or even a voice command, children receive answers that used to require complete research paths. Digitalisation has radically changed how we access information.

Digitization agenda of the central government

The Dutch central government has defined an agenda for digitization for primary and secondary education, with an overview of priorities and activities to guide the digitization in the education sector in the years to come. This digitization agenda focuses on five key points. Fundamental to these key points is the need for a safe, trustworthy, and future-proof infrastructure.

A solution that fits the educational goals of the school

Schools need a safe, trustworthy, and future-proof infrastructure if they are going to be using modern, digital educational tools and tests on an ever-growing scale. The central government has defined the following ambition in their digitization agenda:

“Every school shall have a safe, trustworthy and future-proof infrastructure. The infrastructure in every school shall be well-organized, which requires a solution that fits the educational goals of the school and the thereto deployed digital tools. This will guarantee the continuity of lessons and management of the school.”

Safety through Identity & Access Management

Educational institutions use several software applications. In order to achieve optimal management, it is a basic necessity to operate with safe, trustworthy, and future-proof data exchanges between applications. Moreover, remote education and the use of cloud-based applications has greatly increased in our everyday practice. The extra complicating factor linked to this phenomenon is the authorisation and authentication of users – both educational personnel as well as students. A proper set-up for managing integrations and the respective authorisations is an interaction that needs to be tackled simultaneously. The main solution to these problems lies in embracing APIs and integrations within the education sector.

“We at Yenlo are able to provide an excellent solution to the central government’s digitization agenda for educational institutions in terms of a safe, trustworthy, and future-proof digital infrastructure.”

Ruben van der Zwan, founder and CEO of Yenlo

To be able to offer APIs and integrations to the educational sector, the security of a mobile application on its own isn’t sufficient. All underlying services would need to be secured as well. Yenlo has acquired extensive experience in this field and will be able to make a seamless connection to this form of security through the way Connext is structured.

Utrecht University: A state of the art integration platform for an ambitious university

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