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YENLO - WSO2 API Day Toronto

WSO2 API Day Toronto

Join Yenlo at the WSO2 API Day in Toronto at 12 November! Register now for this free event!

Agenda & Registration

The API Driven World

APIs are everywhere and API Management is indispensable ! APIs are touching every facet of our society and the underlying trends that are going to generate nearly 1 billion APIs in the coming years. All digital transformation is now API-driven and integration technologies underpin their evolution.  In the end, development projects will become integration projects.

However, integration projects still follow an instrument-based, waterfall approach. We believe that integration must follow an agile model to deal with the growing diversity of endpoints, protocols and data formats. An integration agile approach quickly adapts to these changes and requirements.

Join this WSO2 API-day, with Yenlo as a proud sponsor, for a full day of vision, use cases exclusively focused on integrating a world of disaggregated APIs, cloud services, and data. We’ll concentrate on topics like the impact of APIs on digital transformation and adopting integration agile methodologies using WSO2's cell-based reference architecture.

What you'll learn

  • Approaches to integrating, securing and managing APIs, events, and streams
  • Transforming integration projects from waterfall to agile
  • Real-world integration stories of WSO2 and Yenlo customers
  • Combining enterprise integration, API management, and identity solutions
  • Using open source technology for greater customization and flexibility
  • Make use of a cell based architecture approach to improve efficiency and speed of development

Who should attend

CTOs, CIOs, CSOs, and CDOs

wanting insights into building internal digital platforms other approaches to digital transformation

Enterprise architects and integration architects

craving direct insight into using disaggregated services and building microservices architectures


Agenda & Registration